New Years Eve Resolutions 2014

2014 Resolutions

2013 was an amazing year! Most of it was spent waiting but it ended with a bang. I was worried for a moment that the book would be pushed to 2014 but we made it and I have had much success with no advertisement! Here is my 2o14 goals! We shall see how it goes.

  1. Get back to Weight Watchers diet and lose 15 lbs. This is always going to be a work in progress. I will also be going running with James when the weather is better and playing soccer when he twist my arm.
  2. Get a tan. I’m never outside, I used to have a natural tan and I don’t even recognize my face anymore.
  3. Make money back from book 1. Finish book 2 by March and put it in the hands of editing.
  4. Open up my own business for my book and do as much as I can through my business to make book 2 a success so I am not reliant on systems I can not utilize.
  5. Write rough draft of book 3.
  6. Pay off HD card and save up for cabinets.
  7. Re-evaluate my career in May and decide if I can fit in getting a Masters in Computer Science. Continue looking for career opportunities that will ensure my safety in the workforce.

2013 Resolutions

Not to bad for 2012  resolutions. I didn’t have a direct goal for most because I was just looking for improvement and with that I succeeded. Here are my 2013 resolution goals. Good luck future me!!

  1. Get back to the Weight Watchers diet and lose another 15 lbs. Played the reverse game this year. Instead of loosing I gained the weight back, I let life take a toll on me.
  2. Pursue my book publishing. Next step is editing then it is printing my own books or finding a publisher. I will be taking this all in as it goes to the long process of editing over the next 6-8 months. Big win!!!! Project E.D.E.N. published late Nov on paperback and is on Nook and Kindle as of Dec 16th!
  3. Finish writing the rough draft of the second book in the Project E.D.E.N. series. I’m going to call this a semi-win. I just have a few more chapters on the rough draft but I decided to sit on it longer so instead I skipped ahead to the fourth book, the prequel, so I could learn more history and I wrote 12 chapters before I decided it was time to start the first draft of the second book and find the right ending. I’ve got two options, finish it with my idea or lead up to the idea and save it for the third book…..
  4. Pay off the HomeDepot credit card by the end of next year so I can start shopping for kitchen materials. Completed! I then got another 24 month no finace deal with HD and bout tile for the kitchen and for the bathroom and laundry room. James has finished the laundry room and we just want to get a few extra fixtures. Secondary bathroom is almost completed. 
  5. Stay a store manager for 6 plus months to earn recognition with my peers and gain valuable experience. Then go back to search of a better lifestyle in corporate based on my skills that I prefer to work with most. Realize that it may take time to find the right job and the right timing to apply. May be a store manager longer then I want but I will soak in all the knowledge I can in the meantime. As I predicted life isn’t easy on finding the right opportunity and sometimes that means waiting and searching for the right opportunity. There have been several possibilities but I was worried about the long-term of the job since corporate jobs are the first to be downsized, where as retail is safe. 

2012 Resolutions

One thing I can’t stand about a resolution for the new year is that I never follow through. The most common resolution has always been to get in shape, a nicer way of saying get up and get going fat a**. So all I can say is possible because who knows if I will follow through.

1. Get in shape. lol Lost 15 lbs this year with Weight Watchers!!

2. Publish my book. Which basically means stop fiddling with it and start querying until all that’s left is self-publishing. I don’t expect to make this happen in a year but I do expect me to have it finished well before the end of the year and to be more involved on the publishing aspect.

Not where I hoped to be but I still call it a success. I finished the book and have re-edited it myself. With this coming tax return I can go get it professionally edited. Still may query publishers but I’m leaning toward self-publishing so I can have more control. i can always query again later.

3. Price shop the kitchen remodeling  and start buying the material. Got part of it done. Had a great deal at HomeDepot with 2 year financing so I decided to start with small projects. Got everything I need to remodel the laundry room and half bath. Also bought the tile for the kitchen. Once I pay that off I will be looking at pricing on cabinets and granite. 

4. Figure out what I want to do with my current career. Ch-ch-ch-changes. A bunch of new opportunities coming to my company soon which means I will have to consider if I want to go for the next promotion or go into corporate, or find something absolutely different. Yea, I got promoted to Store Manager. Haven’t had the opportunity to apply for any jobs in corporate that appeal to me more than my current position. 

So we will just aim for the goals of all of them and see where I am at by 2013. Good luck future me.


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