Motepulcciano, Italy: Study Abroad Program

Can you imagine waking up to this view every morning?

This is just one of many reasons why a Study Abroad Program is worth every penny you can find. I was one of the few individuals fortunate to afford a program that took me on an experience I would have never had. Never before would I have lived in Italy for 5 weeks. Traveled on hours by train and slept in suprising comfy hospices. Of course I only walked into one each night after spending hours upon hours upon my feet tracking every square of Rome, Florence, Venice, Pompeii, Naples, Sienna, Assissi, and my live in city, Montepulcciano.

Amazing facts about Montepulcciano that appeal to the movie buff in me. Harry Potter franchise buys their quill’s and books from one of the shops in the city. (I love the quill, it is such a delightful instrument to apply on paper.) And my favorite, Twilight New Moon filmed two weeks in that very city before I landed my feet upon it. To this day I can’t believe I missed the filming by a few mere weeks. I especially always remember how I almost went on the first tour that would of startted and ended after the filming. It is what it is.


Never before have I seen such beauty or experienced the simple joys in life till I came upon this peacefull vilage. Will I visit Italy again? That is the most common question I get to this day. OF COURSE I WOULD. Going to Italy for 5 weeks is not enough to quench this part-italians thirst. I enjoyed the quite walks at night leading down and up the narrow roads of the hover city, eating gelato as I paced myself to walk up a hill taller than most moutains I have ever drove upon. I recall the  long bus rides that were always freezing cold in the mornings then hot and sweaty at night. Which causes me to remember it was only because of the thrill we all couldn’t contain to see the cities we dreamed of, and by evening we had exhausted all strength from covering every perceivable inch of our dreams. I regret that I can not take a picture that carries all the beauty I saw and the moments I felt within each day I stayed. But I can try.

If you have the chance to experience your favorite country in the world, take it. If you can live in it, if not just for a moment, it is a moment that you can not let pass.


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