I Am Anonymous, Part 4-8: Enemies Close

I Am Anonymous“Agent 98 is showing no signs of cooperation, how would you like us to proceed?” I heard the young doctor speaking in his boyish whisper as I lie stiffly against the metal cot that I’d been accustomed to for weeks.

“Dr. Halin, do you agree?” The General spoke.

“To an extent. She shows signs of shock still, flashbacks are taking their toll on her mind. She doesn’t speak about them. I would be interested in studying her more.”

“She was on her way to being the greatest soldier I had ever had the privilege to set my eyes on. It would be a shame to see such a talent being wasted. I’ll give you two weeks. If she shows no sign of improvement then she will be….terminated.” He sighed.

A few minutes later the door slid open and shut, Dr. Halin took a  seat beside my bed. Not a word was said for a while. I stared at the metal ceiling. How would I ever leave this place?

“Agent 98, do you remember your real name?”

I blinked my eyes twice, our way of communication since I had been given my memories.

I could see her smiling from the corners of my eyes as she scribbled notes. She ran through the same drill every day to chart what I remembered and what I was learning. The same questions proceeded: Do you remember the Caleb’s, your first foster parents? Do you remember your first shift (what they called my transporting) to the Generals office? Do you remember the last place you saw Michael?

None of these questions were in order and then she stopped. No new questions. She put her notes down on the floor. “Do you hear what is going on in the next room?”

She caught me off guard. She had never asked me about my abilities as of right now in current time. I didn’t blink.

“I can’t. For the first time since I have known you, the General is not around to listen, nor are those he entrust. I’ve been waiting for the right moment to speak to you about our similarities. I have always been on your side but I have worked very hard for a long time to infiltrate his team. When I first saw you I knew we were like me. I’ve been waiting to tell you everything I know, but right now it is more important to find a way to help you escape permanently.  There is something more important that you must do than protect your brother. The two of you together were meant to save our entire race.”

Confused by this conversation I worried that some sort of drugs were causing me to hallucinate. I had known her most of my life, she had never shown an ounce of empathy, a sign of her nature toward me. She had only been the doctor.,  my shrink.

“Still you lie there after what I said. You probably assume that somehow you have been beating the medicine, getting stronger, building a tolerance to it. You can still experience your abilities because I’ve been lowering the dosage slowly. Your escape last time went very poorly. You are so strong yet mentally you have handicapped yourself to assume what you are capable of and what you are not. Do you still lie there mute after I have shared my deepest secret. Is proof necessary?”

She stared at me as I continued to stare straight up, not wanting to fall for some elaborate hoax.

“So you shall have it.” She stated, standing up. “I will see you tomorrow.”

Her body shifted out of the room into the hall. I bolted up in my bed watching a smile on her face as she pushed her glasses up, holding her clipboard close to her chest she walked away.Unsure of what to do next I calmed myself down, laying back, ready to pretend as if nothing had changed.

The next day Dr. Halin walked in without any other followers. She sat down and I in turn sat up.

“Are you here to help me leave?”

“She speaks. Your theatrics have always impressed me. The perfect soldier is right. He doesn’t know how well you shut down.”

“Compared to you I feel as if I am in the presence of a master.”

“Let’s get one thing straight. You and I have the same abilities, we are from the same race, however we are not the same.”

“I don’t understand.”

“You are of royal blood. A long time ago our race was found to be superior. We were thought of as Gods to this world. Our ancestors are said to be born from stars and sent to earth to carry out our purpose.”

“What is this purpose?”

“We all have different paths, chosen long ago as long as fate has existed. I only know mine. I am a protector.”

“How do you know?”

“Only one of the royal blood can deem one worthy of their purpose. Your father, he came across me. He had this way of knowing when others like him were near. A sixth sense. When he touched my hand something happened to me. My skin had begun to itch and tingle for days. I thought maybe I was coming up with some weird flu. Then the power combusted within me. When my first transformation happened and I witnessed my blood boiling beneath me, it was so painful. Then it spread.” She stood up and turned around, bringing up her shirt to reveal a tattoo of spiked vines leading up her spine.

“Your father found me soon after, or rather I found him again. I could hear his voice in my head like he was calling for me and I followed it into an alley. As if I was accustomed to some innate tradition my body bowed beneath him. He asked me to protect his family. He said that fate would lead them to me.”

“How do you plan on protecting me?”




I Am Anonymous, Part 4-7: Rewind

I Am Anonymous

My eyes grew heavy, these drugs were strong. As Dr. Halin had stated, my body felt heavy and weighed down, darkness became my only consolation to the pain that crawled within my skull. Wanting to scream, to clench my fist, I just failed. Failed to do anything but be overwhelmed by the stinging pain that surged through me.

Inexplicably the darkness disappeared and in place of it I was a child, at a park playing. A young woman in her thirties held her arms out to me, welcoming me to her grasp as I ran toward her. She put me in a swing and I saw to my left Michael, a few years old in a swing that cradled him by a strap. She laughed throwing her auburn curly hair over her shoulders, pushing us in the air and I laughed too. A sound I hadn’t heard come from me in a very long time.

“More mommy more.” Michaels bright eyes sparkled as he squealed, clapping his hands.

The memory was interrupted by another. I was holding Michael’s hand and we were running to an over-packed station wagon from a motel. I was around the age of seven. Michael was silently crying, tears streaming down his face. Quickly I buckled him in and jumped in the car. My mother and father came running behind with a few bags and we drove away in a hurry. A rush of memories similar to these kept coming in. We moved from one motel to the next. Moments lingered as I saw myself sitting in my fathers lap as we did the crossword puzzles or he read stories as I fell asleep against his chest. My brother and I sprawled out laying in between our parents. Watching static cartoons while eating cereal out of the box, no milk.

With each memory I began to feel this sense of love that I hadn’t felt in a long time. Feelings I didn’t know existed until I was reminded by a glimpse of what I had felt when I learned of Michael. A memory, just as others, of us driving in a car, only this time we were being chased. My parents screamed for us to duck, glass was shattering. My father at the wheel, my mother trying to crawl to the back seat as she ducked from bullets.

My father swerved trying to throw them off as my mother fell back. Michael was screaming and I was hiding on the floor of the car holding my knees to my chin. My mother held Michael’s hand. reaching for mine, struggling to pull me toward her.

“Hold tight my dears, I’m going to take us somewhere safe.”

“Papa.” I reached for his shoulder.

“No Kayla, please come here.” She reached for me.

She held my brother tightly and me by my waist as she concentrated. I yanked out of her arms reaching for him and she lost her grip.

“No-“ her scream cut off as she disappeared.

“Papa.” I cried.

He looked at me, panicking, realizing his wife and son were gone, but I was still here. Swerving to avoid hitting a car he grabbed my hand.

“I’m sorry sweetie. I wanted this to be better, I wish I could come with you.”

“No papa leave with me.”

His forehead scrunched up over his brown unkempt hair.  “You don’t understand now, and maybe you never will, but its best for everyone if I do this alone.”

Placing his hand on my head, as he struggled to drive, I felt everything tingling and then I was gone and as I left I felt myself coming back together on the side of the road watching as my father’s car was shot at, blowing a tire. He swerved and the car began to roll headed toward several pumps in a small dingy gas station. Running closer to the car, I saw my fathers face, cut up, bleeding. Instead of reaching for the seat belt or the door he stared straight at me, smiling as if this was a good thing. Before I could get any closer, I was thrown away by a blast. Holding myself up on the ground, wide-eyed, watching the consuming fire and the black smoke rise. Stumbling to my feet I struggled, but I found the ground to run on. Running as far away as I could.

Images flickered by as I was found on the streets wandering, taken from one home to the next, there was always something wrong with me. I was too quite, I had night terrors, I didn’t make friends, I wouldn’t accept anyone as my family….. Then there were rumors. The foster care brushing them off as rumors. More images flooded: Being kicked out of one home for disappearing in front of their eyes, then I found myself one time in a tree of a boys house I liked. Then another time on a train. Then he walked in and found me. The General wearing his uniform and all his shiny badges. He bent down and smiled; said that he had just the right place for me.

When I got there I was scared. They took away my clothes and gave me a uniform, then came the testing. The testing that I had just went through here, but more aware. The pain was agonizing as they kept me awake, cutting me open, watching my neurological responses. They planted their own devices. When they didn’t understand me they put me in a box for weeks, allowing a steady flow of a serum. The one used to rid memories.

Waking up to the room with Dr. Halin doing CPR, my eyes blinked open as the blurred room became stable. She was talking to someone but I couldn’t hear what she was saying. Finding the strength to tilt my head to the left I saw an attendant writing on a chart then leaving the room.

She held a light up to my eyes and as she continued to speak I began to hear her over a ringing that stringed through my mind.

“Welcome back Agent 98.”

I Am Anonymous, Part 4-6: Change of Plans

I Am Anonymous

Time went on as I stayed curled up in a ball in the center of the room trying not to suck in the chemicals that stirred in the air if I were to move.  I was only able to tell it had been 4 days since human contact, judging by the three square  meals a day, which I didn’t touch. I didn’t move other than to relieve myself at the scheduled time when I’m electrocuted to go into a small room that doesn’t allow me out until completion…..conditioning me to stay clean.

When I didn’t move to get the food I wasn’t surprised when I was finally zapped repeatedly like the constant vibrating of a phone that sharply pinged every cell in me. Only I couldn’t scream or cry, I was too tired. The pain reminded me of one thing, I was still alive. It stopped as I stirred to get up, trying to use my legs and when I reached the tray they had slid under the metal door as I halted my breathing, waiting for the chemicals to dissipate and perspire back down as I stared at the remnants of food that had probably been the same tray they had given to me each time. The same contents since the first meal I hadn’t ate. Throwing the tray at the wall with as much strength as I could the remains stuck to the wall, falling to the ground.

This caused a violent volt to spread through me, causing the chemicals to stir as I thrashed from the pain that increased before I passed out on the ground. When I awoke I was in a similar room to the one I had awoken in when I arrived at the facility. Strapped down in a metal bed with my wrist and ankles held captive I noticed two IV’s going through me.

“Hello Agent 98.”

Trying to pull from my bracelets with no success I lifted my head to see Dr. Halin walking over to me.

“Relax. The drugs in your system are keeping your cells at a solid level. When your activity and emotions increase, more chemicals are pumped in. I’d like to talk if that is okay.”

Taking her advice, not wanting to fall to the darkness for hours or days that I could no longer keep track of, I rested against the cool surface, keeping my eyes on her as she stood above me and evaluated my condition.

“You heal remarkably well. The doctors here examined you while you were out. Nothing that you aren’t used to. But they think they can find something different this time.”

“Why are you here. What do they want you to get out of me.”

“I’m not here for them Agent 98. I’m here for you.” Her voice was gentle, calm. “You’re wellbeing has always been my first interest, it is my job to make sure you were always mentally prepared for your missions.”

“What mission must you send me on now?”

“No mission this time. Just making sure you are well. I still care about you regardless of what my job is.”

The room was silent and I wasn’t sure what to believe. Her kind eyes said one thing but there she was watching me helplessly, contained by the system, the system that wanted more from me than I was willing to give.

“Why do they think they will find something different?”

“Dr. Tonician had a lot of encrypted research.”

“There’s nothing there but incoherent puzzles. The man was psychotic. He thought that–” I cut off thinking about how the man had created a relationship with Michael to be his son, caused him to believe in a life that never existed, and as he was taking Michael’s blood for years he did it for himself. Though I didn’t even understand why.

“He may have been crazy to some extent Agent 98. However he was quite ingenious, lived much longer than we understand. He had a lot of research, and perhaps a majority of it is locked in his own rhythm. However we found him where you left him, he seems to be just fine. They hope to find answers to further look into his research. While you have been sleeping…..they have taken a biopsy of your organs, same procedure as when you were found a long time ago. Only now they have reason to find answers to what they see.”

“What will they do when they find their answers?”

She shrugged her shoulders. “You’re very special to us Agent 98. We just want to make sure that you understand what side you should be on.”

“You don’t care about my wellbeing.” I laughed at her tidy uniform and her slick backed blonde hair in a bun. “You’re just like me. trapped. Trapped by what they know. Trapped by what they don’t know. You think I will give you anything about Michael.”

“I understand how you must feel Agent 98. We recognize that your hesitance to trust us again is absolutely normal. The General has realized that he has been too hasty. We think that maybe if we give you something back….then maybe you will understand our point of view.”

“We would like to give you back what we took. But it may be dangerous and can cause a clashing of your memory. That is, the one we gave you and the one that was yours.”

“I don’t understand.”

“No I can’t imagine that you do.” She looked very grim. “How many years do you remember being within the camp?”

“For so long I can’t even remember.”

“The drugs in this IV that runs through your system are slowly fighting against the neurotransmitters that were placed among your brain in a precise pattern to block select memories, or alter. When the drug reaches those blockers it will be very painful. I’m not quite positive that you will be able to talk after this, or move, or even remember anything at all. You have a few minutes before it begins.”

I Am Anonymous, Part 4-5: Eye For An Eye

I Am AnonymousFrozen by the entrapment of the cold metal chair I held my unwavering conviction. The General walked closer to me holding off his henchmen. His face just an inch from mine he stared straight through me. That uncomfortable way he always did, only now I was no longer intimidated. The worst he could do wasn’t around as long as Michael was safe.

“You think that you deserve to know what I want with either of you,” he stated. “You’re going to tell me where he is, or your going to die with it held at the tip of your tongue.”

“That depends on whether your silent or not, the tongue may not be the last thing left.” An agent spoke up as he ran his fingers across the smooth metal blade of the scalpel, careful not to cut himself. I suppose he wouldn’t be so careful with me.

“Turn up the morphine. We don’t need her slipping or breaking out of our grasp again.” He smiled at me. “Electricity.”

Instantaneously the coursing energy of electricity prickled against my skiing, straining my muscles, eyes rolling back. Then it was gone, though my body jittered from the overwhelming void it left behind.

“That was low Agent 98. I know you’re strong. I’ve witnessed it since the day you brought to the camp. Eventually strength won’t matter.”

He nodded over to the agent who smiled as he pressed the remote that caused the obliterating pain to wash over me. Trying to hold my tongue I failed, screaming for a moment, trying my best to regain my self.

“If the next one doesn’t kill you then Agent 932 surely will after he plays a game of operation.”

Panting, my eyes blacking out I fought against the metal clamps that held me captive.

“Where is Michael?” He purred, shifting weight on his left leg.

Staring at him I nodded, and a smile formed across my strained face. Laughing hysterically as he motioned for another wave of electricity to climb in my skin.

Screaming brutally into the air helped ease the pain, made it more bearable. When it finally stopped I was out.

When I came too there was a strange whistling floating through the room reminding me that I wasn’t in a safe place. Maybe I never was. lying  down flat now I could see that the chair that had held me was now leveled out as a bed. Peering up I saw only Agent 932 who was sterilizing his tools.

“Why bother if you plan on killing me?”

He smirked. “Whatever makes you so special inside will be salvaged the best it can without your beating heart. The best knowledge about the human body has always been through dissection.”

“Hasn’t the human body been thoroughly explored?”

“Playful aren’t we.” He grabbed his precious scalpel. “We both know you aren’t quite human. Of course to know what you are is apparently above my pay-grade, that doesn’t stop them from hiring me to perform what they call coercing.”

“What would you call it?” Trying to keep him entertained I strained at my cuffs lightly, testing my pitiful strength.

“A painful death.” He smiled. “Oh I find it so entertaining.” He trailed his finger from the top of my stomach to my naval.

“Are we ready.” the general spoke up through an intercom.

“She is prepared.” He brought the scalpel down to my abdomen and with a smooth unflinching hand he place the blade, cutting into my layer of skin.

Holding my breath, tears streamed from my closed eyes, down my cheeks, and when I looked up he was gone.

The General barged through the door looking around as if he thought his eyes were deceiving him. “Dammit!” He screamed as he landed his fist down on the table causing all the shiny utensils to clatter to the ground. “How…” He stared at me, keeping a distance.

Confused, I didn’t understand what had happened.

“Prepare the room.” He pushed something in his ear as he screamed to the person on the other end. “If it’s not ready then get it ready!”

He disappeared. But where? I just wished he was gone, in a torturous place, the same place that caused me harm.

“Put her under.” He stated and it wasn’t long before it all faded again.

When I was coherent I felt free. My arms and legs no longer restrained. The floor, the walls, the ceiling were all padded. It was like a crazy room, as if I would bounce my body off of every corner of the place.

“Agent 98, glad to see you well rested.” The General spoke using his silky voice, as if he was trying to  soothe me.

Standing up I ran to the closest wall placing my hand against it, feeling along the walls as I walked the room. Somewhere a door existed.

“Your little mind games have been taking a number on my health. To keep you more hospitable to the staff and your surroundings the team has developed a way to create a powder from the drugs that keep you under the weather. Every small movement you make stirs the chemicals in the air and will weaken you.”

Feeling the lack of air reaching my lungs I felt myself fall to the floor. My body paralyzed in the center of the room.

“Your games won’t work here as long as your skin touches these chemicals, though to be safe I don’t plan on making any personal visits.” he took a deep breath. “We’ve located Agent 932. He’s no longer on the team due to your transporting him to a morgue as a corpse was about to be sawed through the chest cavity, well Agent 932 took the corpse fate before the surgeon could realize. Very tasteful Agent 98. Eye for an eye I suppose. Your abilities increasingly amaze me. I want to remind you that we will locate your brother with or without you. How difficult you intend to be with our search shall make it that much harder on me as you. In the end I may have to live knowing that you will die before I reach my sweet and sorrowful retreat.”

He paused allowing another voice to speak.

“Agent 98.” Dr. Halin’s gentle voice spoke.

I Am Anonymous, Part 4-4: Trapped

I Am AnonymousGuards poised around us, the motor  obliterated, and there was only the ocean ahead. There was only one option.  Michael looked really tired and there was no way we were both going to leave here. There was also no way that the guards were going to fire a bullet to kill us. One would survive at a minimum for them  to take a risk on either would be detrimental to whichever plan the General had in mind.  These guns were a scare tactic, but the tranquilizers weren’t. Those were very much real.

We were frozen. Michael’s breathing was increasing and his eyes looked at me with concern. My little brother, that I never got to watch grow up, was looking at me with those same eyes I remembered from the first time we were split. From the first time that I had sent him away from me. Just like then I grabbed his hand tightly, the guards guns were aimed and I could see one of the tranquilizers, from the corner of my eye, inches  away.

“I’ll find you.”

“Jess-” His voice called out before he disappeared from my hand.

The dart stuck right into my neck. The shock caused me to jolt and I jumped into the water as several more pierced my waist and arms. The jump turned more into a fall and skink. For a while I sank deep down into the dark water that only glowed at first from the light at the end of the dock. The deeper I sank the darker it got. My chances were slim, but perhaps I could rest. Maybe it would be too late for me and Michael would be safe, wherever he went.

My energy had displaced into him, taking him to wherever he was thinking before he left. The water was getting colder and I was getting number. A smile spread across my face as everything became dark and serene.

Cold, lying on a metal table, I was being watched. This was an all glass room. A two-way mirror and I was the spectacle. Sitting up quickly I tore out all the little stickers attached to my body, pulling needles of my arm and hand as I sat up quickly, wearing a paper dress they had wrapped tightly around my chest down to my upper thighs. This was my show to put on for them. They were going to request information from me.

Jumping off the bed and taking several steps on the concrete floor I put my hands up against the mirrors feeling their coolness, seeing my breathing clouding against the surface. The loud sound of concrete shifting like an elevator that was going under ground caused me to jolt. Peering down the deep hole I saw the concrete coming back up,  instead of a metal stretcher it was a chair, with clamps for ankles and wrist. They wanted to play. Challenge accepted.

When the floor leveled out I looked straight through one of the mirrors feeling a sense of eyes staring at me. How did they plan on getting me in their slaughter chair, it wouldn’t be easy. Suddenly I felt a stinging zap spread from my feet up. Jumping in the air slightly, feeling the hair on my body standing up I was surprised. Taking a step away from the chair it ran through my body again and I shook. This was an interesting game. Taking another step back the electrical discharge was stronger and I gritted my teeth trying not to scream.

Taking a step forward I smiled then took two steps back and in return their reward was to press their little button for thirty seconds. Thirty long agonizing seconds as my body was planted in its place, feeling the electrifying current gripping my body. After standing there for over a minute they turned it on again. Unable to move, gritting my teeth, trying my best not to scream in torture for a minute this time. As soon as it ended I stumbled. falling down as I reached for the chair. They wanted their way with me and in some ways it would be easier for me if I complied.

The electricity was coursing through the floor at a lower frequency. Struggling to stand up, getting used to the prickling sensation that picked at my skin, I walked over to the chair. Taking a deep breath I sat down on the cool metal. The electricity stopped, leaving a tingling feeling among me like my body was asleep and the numbness hadn’t worn off. The metal cuffs snapped against my wrist and ankles.

Mirrors across from me slid open and the General stepped in with two body guards. One held a kit, I was sure it was full of fun tools that they enjoyed playing with when they didn’t get quite what they wanted. This was the time where I felt the pain and built a tolerance. This would make me stronger.

“Agent 98. How compliant, aren’t we? I hope you do make it easier on yourself. There are many ways this can go and of course, I do care for you Agent 98. It is never too late to be on our side.”

The brunette male agent laid out the tools on a small table that had arrived with the chair. Their were over 20 tools, and one of them was a handheld propane torch. This was no longer the child’s play that I had known.

“Now, I assume you know what information I need Agent 98. Are you ready to deliver?”

“I just have one request.”

“Request.” He repeated, then laughed. “You always amaze me Agent 98. Please, amuse me. What do you request?”

“Tell me what you want from us and I will tell you where he is.”

He pursed his lips looking at me quizzically. With curiosity in his eyes he stepped closer.

I Am Anonymous, Part 4-3: The Blood Boils

I Am AnonymousBatting my eyes I felt the stinging irritation of a bright light coming in sight. I shuttered knowing that I was finding myself in this position more often than I was trained for. On the other hand, I never thought I would be on the opposite side of my team. Never had I thought that their interest would collide from mine.

Knowing the usual set up, from those I had helped retrieve for them, I saw the machines with plasma displays that depicted my health. Then there was another machine that was analyzing my blood. This was all standard. They knew my blood was unique, and why. That is where I made the assumption a long time ago that if my blood was safe with them then they could be trusted. This is what confused me so.

My blood was more than just my way of healing myself, it could heal others. Not just the normal wear and tear of flesh or vital organs, it could seize every disease known to man, as my team saw fit to use my blood to test out its limits. There was more. I knew that there had to be more to my blood, something that I didn’t understand yet. Something that Mr. Tonician was looking for. I had this strange feeling that the government knew more than I did but less than they wanted to. That could be the only reason they hadn’t found a way to drain it all out of me to synthesize it. So far they were having no luck, however that could be lack of information provided to me.

Finding Michael was the only thing that made me jolt within my chains that held me down. The medicine they gave me was coursing through my veins, I could feel the heat in my skin as I tried to transfer my energy out of the chains but my skin prickled from the injections causing me to feel faint. Fighting my will to close my eyes and let the darkness overwhelm me I strained my ears to hear.

Always being a loyal agent for the General and my Commanders I was never content on sharing everything. While they had measured me throughout my training I had never given everything I could. At first I was overwhelmed by the power and then I was in fear of what others would do if they saw how strong I was. I dialed it back for so long that it became second nature to allow others the opportunity to use their force. This was my advantage. The medication was weak against my system. Concentrating and listening hard. Hearing the beeping of the machine. My light breathing. Then the sound of my blood boiling against the medication, fighting it.

Concentrating on the pulling of the particles within me I focused harder. Imagining the liquid disintegrating as my blood heated and consumed it. Taking a deep breath as I felt the stinging pain rattling within my flesh, my eyes opened wide and everything became clear., my vision sharper, Slowly turning my head to the side I saw a familiar machine. Almost any movement, like sitting up, would cause this machine to release another heavy dosage of the blood thinner they were providing me. That was the most I understood of this medication they had created for someone like me. Since my powerhouse was my blood, it aimed to thin it out.

Waiting in silence for minutes that felt like hours I felt my blood boiling on my own accord. Taking a deep breath I found my self instantaneously at the door.  The chains fell against the table along with the IV and sensors that had decorated my skin. I couldn’t possibly have enough time. Popping from room to room with a split second thought I had no luck. Popping into the surveillance room standing just behind a guard that was playing solitaire I grabbed the fire extinguisher and just as he turned his head I held it up high and made contact with his skull as he was reaching for an alarm. Not fast enough.

Lights flash, a siren went off and I locked my view on the wall of screens that showed the hallways, the rooms.

“Michael…” he was laying in a similar room only he was still healing from the large gaping holes they had dug within his skin.

Popping out of the room and into his. I found him drowsy and I immediately stripped the wires from his skin.

“Jessica.” He called out to me, the name he knew me by from my assignment. The only other name I had to offer him was Agent 98 which was a shorter list of numbers than I had been given when I first was received at camp.

“It’s going to be okay Michael. I promise you.” I looked at my little brother, several years younger, not really little. Not little like the visions I was having over the past months since I met him.

He didn’t remember me like I remembered him. His memory had been changed much more than mine. It seems he had gone through many hands before I found him. I could hear security stomping down the halls. He was in no condition to help me with escaping. And I wasn’t in too much condition to support the both of us. However that never stopped me in any mission before. Holding my breath I sat on the bed holding his hand and then we appeared on the outer banks of the facility. All he was wearing were briefs and he was covered in scars, that meant he was healing. I looked over the wall and saw a small motor boat.

“Get up. We need to go now.”

We reached the dock and he practically stumbled into the boat. Untangling the rope I kept nervously looking around and just as I was about to turn on the engine a bullet busted into the motor frying my plans.

I Am Anonymous, Part 4-2: Loose Ends

I AM ANONYMOUSThe common room was the normal continuance of white walls with uncomfortable sofas and wooden chairs. There was a T.V. set over a decade old hanging on the wall and a few board game boxes next to books and magazine on a small rack. The medication made me tired. Most the time I found myself sitting on the sofa staring out into space., watching as the nurses and doctors entered the room.

My doctor had regular visits with me. There wasn’t much communication on my part. He acted as if he was on my side but I knew that he was working for them. If I had anything to say, then they would find Michael. Most of our visits consisted of me rocking back and forth staring at the seams of everything that was connected. The way the linoleum met against each other, the ceiling tile trays, the fabric of the couch and pillows. Everything met together. Everything had a purpose. Here I was locked up pretending to have no memory and they were trying to fit me together and make me work with their needs. My whole life had been a scheme of how I could fit into their picture.

“Doctor.” A nurse tapped on his shoulder as he was staring at me. He stared a lot, then wrote a lot on his clipboard.

“Not now Donna, I’m in the middle of—”

“But sir, your next patient has arrived.”

He stared at her for a moment with a look of confusion before quickly composing himself and standing up. “To be continued Agent 98. The guards will let you back in your room momentarily.”

He rushed off in a hurry. Listening closely was harder than usual, the drugs in my system weakened me, however the common room had thin walls. I could hear men running by and the sound of handcuffs scratching against a metal bar.

“Why haven’t you put him down.” The doctor screamed.

“Sir, we did.”

“Get out of my way.” He growled.

Other then the shuffling of feet, everything became quiet.

Days passed and I began to feel stronger as I built a tolerance to these pills, while still playing to their use in front of all others. The doctor hadn’t been in to visit me and without him their were no orders to leave the room. I felt like I was in a hole, trapped from all others. The door never opened, trays of food were slid in through a locked panel from the outside.

When the door finally swung open my heart dropped. It was the General. Quickly recovering I looked at him blankly, staying at the edge of the bed, curled up against the wall. The doctor and one male nurse walked in behind him.

“Agent 98.” He spoke up waiting for me to heed his command; I didn’t move a muscle. “The doctor tells me you have displaced your memory. Says you have yet to recognize or recall information of who you are.” He smoothed out his mustache. “However, your brain activity is at peak levels and more importantly we have ran many images on our processors to see what is capable of the fall with one in your condition. We have watched over you for quite some time and due to our examinations we have found your capabilities to be able to stand much more than a simple fall. Your body heals faster than most, as does your brain.”

He waited for my reaction and was upset to see that it wasn’t what he had hoped for. “Of course Agent 98 I understand that you may be worried about the repercussions. It is understandable for one to react as you did when you found he was your sibling, it was unexpected for all of us.”

I pondered his words. How did he know.

“Your parents didn’t have the two of you documented and without your respect to tell me the truth, well it wasn’t easy to find out other than the way you have formed an attachment. You are like a daughter to me Agent 98. I have made sure that you have had the best provisions and training. I have sheltered you from the outside world, protected you from becoming another experiment. Then you keep this from me.”

He shook his head and took out a phone. “Perhaps you will take me more seriously if you respect what I have to offer you.”

Pressing play the nurse walked over to me and held my face at the view of the camera. At first I kept diverting my eyes until I heard his voice. Michael screamed in torture. They were cutting him open and pulling out little devices.

“We had to make sure he was clean. Mr. Tonician is known for keeping tracking devices on all of his possessions. We were doing Michael a favor since it is obvious now that he is not Mr. Tonicians son, but was his prisoner. Unfortunately the doctor didn’t have time to numb his pain, we didn’t want to be found with him. It was such a wild goose chase between us and Mr. Tonicians men.”

I could feel the heat rising in my cheeks. Watching the devices dripping with his blood after they pulled them out of is abdomen, calf, neck…” I couldn’t listen to him scream to me in pain for another second. Breaking free from the nurses grasp I elbowed him in the nose and as the doctor reached out for me I slammed him against the wall. The General just watched. I wasn’t strong enough to go through the wall, my only chance was in my strength. Ripping the door off its hinges I pushed it away and ran down the hall until I felt a pulse go through my body. Electrical discharge from a stun gun pierced my side and I trembled as I tried to fight it, watching as another nurse injected the same chemicals within my arm.

My eyes wavered, the pain faded, and it became dark….