Review: Pride & Prejudice & Zombies


One of the first novels I ever read was Pride and Prejudice. This was an easy must read for me because I am a huge fan of the zombie revolution. It was an obvious pick but after I read the book I found they had made more differences with their changes than I had first anticipated.

From my understanding the writing would lightly be touched in this transitioning story from the calm rhythm to the slaying type. The intention was to input passages about zombies and any attitudes or details needed to intertwine the story together with a new layer. It reminded me of watching Abraham Lincoln Vampire Slayer, which I thought at first would be a stupid movie only to find it was quite enjoyable and their twist to history made the idea captivating. If Abraham Lincoln can slay vampires then why can’t Elizabeth Bennet slice her blade through the decrepit zombie necks desiring a bite of her tasty brain.

Overall it was quite enjoyable. The zombies were the originals I remember seeing in the basement with my poppy when he watched scary movies all night. I would stay up late with him to catch a glimpse of the world he liked to view when he wanted to escape from reality. These zombies were definitely the dead kind, dead for a long time. The ones decayed with rotting flesh and yellowed skulls crawling their way out of the dirt. They didn’t have super speed or a need to eat the flesh. They were dumb enough, distracted by cauliflower because somehow it look similar enough to brains in their eyes.

The relationships stayed the same in the story with a few exceptions where several things bothered me. This book is my favorite and I was looking for an interesting twist but I didn’t like how the writer portrayed characters in ways I wish I could remove from my mind. Too much personal defection and demoralizing further in the mentalities of those we already knew were of poor character. All in all some of the people were picked on a bit much more than I would prefer.

The thing I disliked the most was how the Bennet’s received their training. Back then it took a lot to travel by carriage to get to a friend’s house fifty miles away. Yet somehow they trained in China and others trained in Japan. I especially find this out of character for all the Bennet’s to get this training considering the original book’s Lady Catherine helps point out the Bennet parents lack of educating their daughters in many ways from writing to playing….so how is this any different. Regardless of danger. Back then it would be normal for men to do the slaying than woman so why are so many woman slayers? I thought it would’ve been better for Elizabeth as a skilled killer to further show she marches to her own drum and is ahead of her time. Everyone doing it…..while then Elizabeth isn’t so special.

Overall I think it is hard to read a book you love with an alternate thought process trying to change things while making them the same. I enjoyed it but I also would have preferred reading the original just as much. I did watch Pride & Prejudice after reading the book.