You can call me B or Britt since I find my name terribly common. I am a store manager for one’s cellular needs where I get to be many things: a manager, a sales woman, a contractor, a technician, a janitor, and my favorite, a therapist. Whenever someone needs to file a complaint, I am there. Whenever someone has an issue unrelated to our business, I am there. When everything seems hopeless, I am still sadly there. Whether that is any help… who knows.

Recently I have bought a beautiful foreclosed home (just needs a little love) where I live with my long-term boyfriend, my beautiful Shadow (Shepard-mix), and a roommate. I graduated with a bachelor’s in psychology. Why? Because it is interesting; and everyone needs someone in their workplace who can tolerate all kinds of people.

Over the past couple years, I have been toying with a concept that has now become a book-series. In my head, crazy unbelievable things happen, and I have to get these thoughts out. I found that my love for writing as a child was still there and ready, just waiting for the right story. Now while I juggle my retail life and home-improvement projects, I find myself fitting every minute I can into figuring out the world of publishing and writing my continuous series that I think will blow your mind.



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