About: The Project Eden Series

Are you looking for a fantasy based on modern times to captivate you’re mind. Sorry, let me get more specific. Perhaps you seek a hero figure that finds himself about to embark on a journey to save the world. To be a little more direct, maybe you are interested in super enhanced abilities that no man can possibly possess, and yet some do.

I myself found a kinship in Cedric, a seventeen-year-old boy, who is faced with a decision only a few in our timeless history have been given.

Cedric is one of the few dream walkers on earth. While the rest of us lay our heads down at night, he drifts from mind to mind exploring our inner most secrets.

He has been sent to live in America amongst regular people within a secluded group of selected individuals, each with their own uniquely enticing abilities such as; fortune telling, telekinesis, electricity, super hearing, and more.

Many years ago while war ragged on, as it does now, it became evident of what the true problems were to a world. The depletion of resources and the spreading of evolving genetic diseases have been the constant cause for human sacrifice and devastation.

Sector E found a way to contain particular genes that cure humans of most diseases, only leaving a few side effects, leading to Project E.D.E.N. The organization created a manmade floating island, known as Initium, to keep their precious secrets contained. However sometimes the biggest threat to the most prized resources are the creators themselves.


One thought on “About: The Project Eden Series

  1. Next great author of our generation,B. Mauritz, had me captivated in this wonderful story from the begining! Guys you need to read it, its better than harry potter and I’ve read every book by J.K. Rowling.

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