Charlie’s Changing, Part 1-4

Charlie’s Changing, Part 1-3

Becoming water and then levitating from the bed were two things Charlie believed to be true. She realized by believing these things as possible meant she should be committed. How could her parents understand and believe in her sanity ever again? She was a mess.

For breakfast her mom gave her cereal while they ate french toast. The whole morning was eerie because her parents seemed solemn and she knew staying out fifteen minutes past curfew couldn’t cause them to be this upset. Then again Charlie had never missed her curfew before. She knew there was something else going on between them two. She hoped they weren’t getting a divorce like Jasmine’s parents did. Except they got back together twice. Only there not technically married anymore.

When Charlie walked up to Jasmine’s open locker she put on her best smile in hopes the day would offer more distractions so she could forget about the things she didn’t know how to explain. Jasmine slammed her locker door shut startling Charlie. She seemed upset, her eyes red with bags beneath them. At the sight of Charlie, Jasmine threw her arms around Charlie’s neck holding her tightly as she cried. The bell was about to ring but both girls made it to the bathroom and decided to skip the first period. Even though Weston was there and Charlie was curious whether he knew those clothes he found in the pool were hers. It would have to wait until lunch. If he did recognize them she would be absolutely mortified.

After they checked the stalls Jasmine pulled out a foot of paper towels and sat on top of the counter. Charlie found something to wedge the door shut. She wasn’t sure why her friend was distraught. Maybe Jasmine’s parents had decided to separate again. That usually meant her father would go stay at a motel or drive out to a friend’s house for a few weeks. Charlie was pretty sure it wasn’t the problem because Jasmine had never gotten this upset, not since the first time.

“He broke up with me.” Jasmine mumbled through the wad of paper she held against her nose.


“He didn’t say. He didn’t even show up for our video chat.”

“Maybe something happened. I mean you guys are on different time zones, maybe he got on the wrong time.”

“No.” She moaned. “When he didn’t get on I texted him, then called him, I tried email and I even messaged him on all of his sites.”

Charlie held her lips shut worried she would say the wrong thing. Neither of them had ever had boyfriends before. Not exactly. Jasmine had flings throughout middle school but she was so picky she would get bored with them by the week’s end. Charlie wasn’t sure what it was like to have a boyfriend but she knew Jasmine was being a bit excessive.

“Just because he didn’t respond doesn’t mean he broke up with you.”

“It does when you see him posting pictures with other girls and changes his status to single.” Jasmine spit out bitterly.

“Oh.” It was all Charlie could manage to say.

“I can’t believe it. We had the best two weeks ever and we were planning on seeing each other spring break. How could he do this?”

“Jasmine, you shouldn’t let that creep make you feel this way. You’re better off anyway, right? I mean long distance is hard and there are all of these cute boys in school.”

Jasmine sighed. “You’re right. He is a creep and a loser and I hope he rots in hell!” She jumped off the counter. “All I have to do is find someone to take my mind off him.” She grabbed out her make up bag and started to touch up her face.

Charlie was grateful her friend was choosing not to wallow. She wasn’t exactly sure how to comfort her if things were to continue down this depressing route. She could deal with parental issues, even though she had never experienced them herself, but boys made her nervous.

“Weston’s looking really hot.” Jasmine commented as she put on some concealer under her puffy eyes.

“I guess.”

Jasmine looked at her like she was crazy. “I swear you are so blind and naive. You wouldn’t know what a hot guy was if he picked you up. Well, I think Weston is exactly what I need to take my mind off of the one we will not speak of.”

Charlie’s heart-felt as if it was dropping through a mine shaft at warp speed. Jasmine used to always tease Charlie about Weston. Telling her how cute they would be together. This was back when Weston was covered in blemishes, wore glasses, and always wore star wars shirts and baggy pants. Now Jasmine seemed to think Weston was out of Charlie’s league, and it hurt her.

Though she had never admitted it out loud, and rarely to herself, she had liked Weston well before these changes. Since fourth grade when it started raining, even though she was already soaked as she walked across the parking lot to get through the door, he came over to her and held his umbrella above both their heads. He had always been sweet to her since then. He saved her a seat on the bus or at lunch when Jasmine was sick. He would hold the door open for her when their paths crossed. He always remembered her birthday. But she had been blind, maybe he did that for everyone he knew.

“I’m going to invite him out to the movies. Maybe we could do a group date. I’m sure he has a friend whose single.” Jasmine was already smiling as she put on mascara.

Charlie was extremely upset but she was also happy her friend was in good spirits. At that moment Charlie wondered if Jasmine’s mascara was waterproof as Jasmine turned the faucet to wash her hands. The handle ruptured as water spouted all over her face.

Unedited by B. Mauritz


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