Project E.D.E.N at Marietta Book Exchange Event

Project E.D.E.N. by B. Mauritz at Book Exchange

Public speaking is my least favorite activity but when it comes to letting people know you have a book worth captivating their attention, well you put all your petty fears aside. It’s not like stage fright has killed anyone, right?

This past Thursday I spent the evening at a local bookstore where I got to raise awareness on my first book and th
e pending series I am working on in the background. Book events are exactly what you would think. A great experience to get to know your local authors, buy books and get them signed, and participate in giveaways.

This was my first event where I got to speak and though it was scary I was very happy to have the privilege of going first. I tried to think of all the right things to say about a book series and make my audience aware of where the first book took place. I can only hope I sent out the right message. Of course as I do more of these events I will get more comfortable with talking about my work.

Public speaking is something I’ve been doing quite often over the past several years in my day job, but it’s different. I am telling an audience about services my company offers and I can detach myself. This is completely different with my book. My book is very personal and self-criticism is something I am learning to distract myself to provide a better delivery. Practice in the end will make it sort-of perfect, because nothing is.

Things I recommend taking to an event if allowed:

  • Your books (duh)
  • Business Card (I made business bookmark cards)
  • Brochure or Author one pager (I made a brochure telling them about myself, my book, why I wrote it, and the series)
  • Author sign-up sheet
  • Giveaway with raffle
  • Decorations that make sense; especially table-cloth

If you are a reader I definitely suggest staying touch with your local books stores events on their websites. For authors I would recommend speaking at one of these events as often as possible. It is a great place to meet fellow authors and interested readers you would have never had the opportunity to meet on your own.

I have to thank my friend, @kjbetareading for keeping me posted on upcoming events in our area and to Marietta Book Exchange for hosting a wonderful evening. I was able to make contacts with other authors like Sherri JohnsonLinda Sands, Marsha Cornelius, Brenda Sutton Rose,  Mary Anne Edwards, and many others.


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