Know Your Target Audience


Writing a book requires a lot of attention and focus well before we start to write and continues after long after it is done. It is easy to write a book but it is much harder to sell your book if you don’t keep your target audience in mind. Before you begin to write you should consider your target audience and whether your book fits them and their culture. Then you have to consider whether your genre also fits your target audiences interest.

I have always been fascinated with science fiction and fantasy books. Outside of genre I found the books I was most interested in reading were Young Adult. I was then able to use the right language and style of writing for my ideas to make since to my audience, the young adult. Writing toward their perspective was entertaining and flowed very easily from my thoughts to the keyboard. Once you find the genre and the age group of people who will fit as your average customer/fan base then it is time to think more about their interest and how you can find ways to get your book in their hands.

If it isn’t as easy for you to think of your target audience ask yourself several questions:

  1. Who can read/buy books? Gender, Age, Income, Education…
  2. Who can use/read your book?
  3. Who are your Influencers? (People who self-promote you)
  4. Which format do they want? Paperback, Hardcover, Ebook, Audio…
  5. What are they normally buying and where?

If number 1 to 2 is a blank thenI suggest moving your pen to another piece of paper and consider it further before you write or publish your book.  All of these questions are very important for promoting and selling your book to the right audience but it’s also important to make sure the language you use and your examples within the text are relatable to the majority of people you write for.

Appeal to their interest and needs from the beginning of the publishing phase by picking a title that resonates and catches their attention. Choose a cover they can see ten feet away that makes them wonder what’s inside and tailor your book’s message. Steps 3 and 5 are important because it shows you where you and your books should be and how they can get them.

Inspired by Publish 15 workshops.


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