Dr. Who Sells Me The Latest & Greatest

Pick You Gadget Daily Prompt: Your local electronics store has just started selling time machines, anywhere doors, and invisibility helmets. You can only afford one. Which of these do you buy, and why?


Times are changing and with technology these days you get more than you ever expected possible at a pricy fee. Walking into the electronic store with my life savings I was ready to splurge on some entertainment.

Taking a look at their large wall of tv display a salesman from headed my way.

“Hello there, my name is Dr. Who. What brings you in today?”

“Okay.” I stared at him surprised by such a name and decided if we were playing games I would to. “I’m Ms. Where.”

He smiled at me as if he was hiding a secret. “Well Ms. Where I have just the right product for a women of your means.”

Raising my eyebrows I wasn’t sure if I should be offended or go with his interesting sense of humor.

“We have three new products that just hit the shelf. This right here,” he put his hands up against a steel door that stood in the middle of the aisle “will lead you anywhere, hence it’s name, the Anywhere door.”

“Do I look like a sucker?”

He smiled. “Do me a favor and think of any place imaginable that is real and you will be taken there.”

Going along with his scheme I imagined going back to Rome. Placing my handle on the door, I rolled my eyes, then pushed it open.

There was nothing to see but the end of the aisle. “Now that I’ve tried how about you show me something worth my time.”

“First just entertain me and step through the door.”

Begrudgingly I stepped through and when my first step hit the pavement I was astonished. Here I was opening the door to the Pantheon. Tourist were filled in the room looking at the angelic statues and tombs. I just stared up through the shaft of light that came from the roof leading to what looked like Heaven. Turning my eyes back to the door that led me here I rushed back in worried that I was stuck and without a passport there was no going home.

When my feet crossed the threshold I was back on the linoleum floors. “How the–”

“If you think that is a wonder please follow me this way.”

I was dazed and confused but I followed him without caring what joke was pulled next. We stopped at a blue phone booth for what seemed like the Police?

“Isn’t this technology a bit antiquated?” I stated.

“Not if it has been reprogrammed.”

Stepping into the booth with him he moved around some things and all of a sudden the impossible once again happened. Lights and surroundings changed drastically until we came to a standstill and I knew nothing was the same.

“For your safety I suggest we stay inside.” He opened the doors for my viewing.

I nodded as I looked at the chaos of the jungle with trees larger than most buildings. The floor began to rumble and I backed against the wall as I was staring at a braunosaurus who was running from a T-rex.

“I think we better get back before my boss wonders where we went. Plus that T-Rex is looking our way now.”

He pressed some more strange buttons and I gripped my hands together as the beast charged toward us. Closing my eyes to watch my life pass I could see a bright light through my lids. Peering at my surroundings I saw we were back and followed him out of the booth.

“I have one more new product to show you.”

I wanted to laugh hysterically at the thought that there was anymore he could show me.

“Please place this helmet on.”

Taking the ridiculously large helmet I decided what more could he possibly show from time traveling to teleporting and decided it was something also worth exploring.

“What now?” I asked as I waited for something interesting to happen.

“Can you please walk over to that mirror and let me know what you think.”

“I don’t need to look, trust me, this is not my style.”

“I think by now you should know to trust my instincts.”

Trust…..what a sentiment to this sales pitch. When I got to the mirror I noticed a distinct problem with this demonstration. Where was I?

That was it. I knew what product I would be “buying”. I walked out of the store with my free invisibility helmet.

And that is the story about how I determined the right product that I could afford.


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