Daily Prompt – Unexpected Guest

Daily Prompt – Unexpected Guest – You walk into your home to find a couple you don’t know sitting in your living room, eating a slice of cake. Tell us what happens next.

It was as normal as any day when the event that changed my life took place. After a long day of work attending to others needs I was ready to attend to my own. Parking my car in the garage I opened the door only to be surprised by the lack of greeting. My two dogs that normally knocked me out of my shoes, panting to go outside, weren’t there. Walking into the hallway I shrugged it off and put down my bag. Maybe they were just chilling on the bed.

My body went stiff and my breathing stifled when I heard the sound of someone shuffling through my cabinets in the kitchen. Last I checked, my dogs didn’t have opposable thumbs…. Relaxing when I realized that James may have awoken before his shift tonight I remembered that I wasn’t home alone.

Walking into the kitchen I was ready to greet him with a warm welcome, hoping he wasn’t in a bad mood, being up and all a bit too early for the grave yard shift. I was surprised by the swishing sound of a knife that went just past my ear landing in the door frame.

That wasn’t James. The last thought before something hard pressed against my skull.

Waking up tied to my living room chair my head felt hazy and I could feel something trickling down my temples. Finding it hard to breath beneath tape that sealed my lips I took as many breaths as I could until I mustered the strength to look around. Looking up I saw an older women smiling adoringly at her equally pale mate. Both eating a slice of dark red cake with no icing.

Looking over to my right I saw James, knocked out, slouched in the ropes that contained him. Attached to his arms was a tube leading to a bag of his own blood that was being drained. Staring down at my arm I found the same bag draining the life out of me.

“Darling it’s so nice of you after all these centuries to remember our anniversary.” Said the older women.

“Happy 800 blood sucking years my dear. It is so nice of our company to keep us fed with such luscious treats. The creations you make are much more scrumptious then enjoying ones lifeline on tap.”

“Your blood cake is to die for.” She smiled as she looked at me hungrily.

It appeared that I wasn’t done attending to others needs.


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