The Wanderer of the Lands

The Wanderer:

My Top 5 Places I’ve Always Wanted to Visit: (Daily Post Challenge)

  1. Italy – I’ve already done a study abroad for 5 weeks in Italy and visited many cities and yet there is so much more that I want to see still.
  2. Greece  – What’s not to love about Greece. From ruins to varying city structures on mountains and oceans.
  3. France – I would be disappointed if I didn’t take in the tourist sites.
  4. Ireland – Oddly I just want to run through the hills and sing nonsense all day long until I gasp for air as I curl up in the tall grass and read.
  5. England – Mainly I’m interested in Shakespeare. So I guess just the normal tourist sites as well.

I suppose I could get specific and pick out the exact places within these countries but I’ll save that for when I can afford a trip. No sense in getting my hopes up until I realize….wait I can’t afford this…not yet.


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