Winners Are Losers Too

winners-vs-losersThere are a lot more losers than there are winners. That’s why being comfortable with loosing can be so easy because there are so many people who can emphasize. Winning is scary because it is when you often feel most alone. I’m not saying people are losers or winners for none of us win in every category. I’m just stating the moments when we feel like winners or losers. Basically I’m saying please don’t feel offended if you feel like a loser while you read this. We are all losers in some way. I’m a loser in a lot of ways but sometimes I get to be the winner.

I’ve been the loser most times and often fortunate enough to call myself a winner. The trick is finding something you’re good at and looking for the opportunities. It isn’t easy. Even if you are passionate, a hard worker and an innovator you will find that you fail more than you win. I like to think that the good from it means someone out there gets to feel like a winner and maybe they need it more than me.

I think that there are two ways that people don’t generally win. It’s because they don’t have/apply the resources they need to get there or they fear the idea of something new. The first, meaning that they don’t have the training, the will, the care, the need, the overall ambition to get what is done regardless of what they are given. Overall you have people who give in to easy or people who try really hard but something is holding them back. The second group I think contains many people. These people have what it takes to be real winners but they let themselves hold them back. They know what to do and how to do it but something subconsciously keeps them from being their best because they are worried about the weight of winning.

The weight of a winner is a heavy burden. Not as heavy as the ultimate feeling of the bottom loser. You are usually alone, many people are hating and you don’t know what are real compliments from those that cover up their need to be in your place. You feel like a bragger when you talk about things because things are going great in certain areas of your life. More importantly winning means you have to fight to stay there or become a loser again because you can only go so high. Try telling that to a loser when you’re the winner and you just come off as a bragger because there thinking you should be happy even though the worry overcompensated. That’s at least what it is like for me, maybe not you. Maybe winning is simple and you just enjoy it. Either way winning is hard because you know you can’t be the winner all the time.

Today I speak to myself and others with the same dilemma, if you have the skills and resources to be the winner then don’t let the fear keep you from becoming more than you can become.


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