Compensate or Deteriorate

Entangled and weaved around the fibers that make us who we are there are manipulations of the truth, of reality, that have evaded us through a learned behavioral trait. Born of innocence and corrupted from every point of contact until we finally corrupt ourselves. For many years we’re bounded by the need for another to guide us until we learn to make up our own mind and think for ourselves. With that we become the sole proprietor of emotional damage. As we grow up we’ve been taught a certain way in life and we carry through with those dispositions then we change as our surroundings dictate. While the hope of becoming wiser, stronger and more patient or any other redeeming quality we can also deteriorate to the same extent to become ignorant to one side of the equation, vindictive, and cynical. Life changes us at times, and test us unlike we ever predicted. You can become a victim to raised tendencies or you can be a savior to your realizations.


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