I Knew…I Thought…But I Didn’t


I just knew that once I published my book I would have even less time then I did when the book was just Microsoft word. I knew that there would be a lot to do when it came into the world. I thought I would be more prepared, but I didn’t expect all the things that I now find as common sense.

Hindsight bias. I learned that theory in most of my psych classes. Right along fulfilling prophecy it is one of those obvious oh yea moments. If I could turn back time I know I would be much more prepared but I can’t so you live and learn.

Things I would recommend doing before you publish the book so you can be ahead of the game (and things I will do before the second book):

  • File for a business license. I went to a tax seminar at BookLogix and learned that it was a way to better manager your assets so I filed for one today from LegalZoom. They manage it at a yearly fee and of course their is the whopping almost $300. I got the Tax ID with it. Oh and it will only take 35 days since I didn’t want to pay anymore for it. Once I get the paperwork I will then go open a checking account and then get a credit card and then create a new Paypal for my Paypal reader so my money from my book is completely separated including any future purchases involved with publishing.
  • Find your peace with twitter and drive it. It took me a while but I found the best way to get to my audience and I’ve been building up my followers a lot faster, like 1000 followers a month trending. Wish I had realized this 6 months ago because I could be much farther.
  • Despite what others may say around you the cover is the MOST important advertising material. Next time I want to get it done ASAP because it is much easier to market something when you have a visual.
  • Every night I’ve been going through 10 pages of Amazon Top Reviewers looking for book reviewers to give an ebook in exchange for an honest review. It is very tedious and time-consuming but I am hoping it is worth it. Time will tell. Email them and when you get one inform them that it’ll be sent on that release date. I will be doing this at a minimum of 2 weeks before my next launch.
  • Generate a list of book bloggers. Then do the same as the top reviewers. These guys, if interested, will do Author Interviews and Giveaways.
  • Email Youtube Bloggers. They are the best. They are exciting and enjoyable to watch. Just watching them talk about books gives you a major inside as to what these fan girls and boys are interested in and what grabs their attention. They can make you a better writer by giving you an insight into what they want from you. People actually get to see the excitement and interest in their face and voice and of course a visual. It’s wonderful not just getting a public visual review to a wider audience but you get to connect in a way that gives you the insight of what a fan is thinking.
  • Most importantly get through the stress and write. I wish I could have focused more on book two but I let my pondering of the future get in the way of the future.

All in all things are going better than I expected for a no name artist. I’m very busy lately staring at my computer for almost every reason but writing. Constantly web searching, reading up on people and things, emailing, and emailing and emailing. I have  to stop procrastinating and get back to the second installment of Project E.D.E.N.



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