Project E.D.E.N. in the Market

It has been an amazing month. Outside of the holidays I have been very busy getting used to the idea of having a published book. That means instead of writing I spend hours a day on Twitter, Amazon, Goodreads, Youtube, and Google of course. Why? Because marketing never stops, not when you are passionate about something and you know that your work is just waiting for the right person at the right moment….

Officially I have had a lot of wonderful people purchasing my book. Many of them have already been able to give me feedback and it has been some of the most wonderful and inspiring words. I have had several people respond back to me from YouTube book reviewers to book clubs. Currently I’m in the stagnant process of marketing as far as books go. Books are not like most products. They have to sit for a while because not everyone has a few days in their life to do nothing but disappear into your alternate reality. I’ve had the opportunity for several reviewers accepting my request for an honorable review.

Since my book is now available on Kindle, Nook, and iBooks I’ve been targeting a larger market. When I purchased my website, from I received $50 in vouchers for Facebook ads. Once the ebooks all became available I found that now was the time to push some advertisement, especially since the expiration date wouldn’t make it past the new year. My first attempt was for a 7 day run where I didn’t exceed a limit of $5. As far as Facebook money goes, this is a fraction of a penny to do some real ad control. I went for the one that clicks your website. Then I spent the last few days on targeting page like ads. I got more physical proof on the second round. Plus the page views meant that people would stay informed with me longer through a like than for one click. Anybody can  click a link and view a website once but it takes someone with a bit more commitment  to like a Facebook page. Next time I decide to run an ad on Facebook I will do the page likes again.

With my triumphs I have found a pattern for my social media life to make it easier to commit day over day. Everyday I know spend half an hour on twitter looking for the right audience, another half hour emailing reviewers and another half hour going through emails, looking at trends, and googling the latest. What I have to remember to do is write. Book two has a few more months before I plan to deliver it to the editor which means I just have to find the time.

On the local front I’ve been handing out my bookmarks like crazy, engaging people in conversation, and walking into the local bookstores. I have one bookstore currently displaying my title and I will be visiting a few more! A friend also got my book at a cafe in SF and in the first day we already found a new Project E.D.E.N. fan!

Sitting on the shelf at Once and Again Books

2013-12-23 12.21.43

Visiting Once and Again Books to get a picture of Project E.D.E.N. on the local authors shelf in Marietta, Georgia.

IMG_3225Project E.D.E.N.


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