Project E.D.E.N. Available At Your Nearest Amazon

Guess what blogging community, that day for me is finally here! Partially.

My book Project E.D.E.N. is now available online at  or my publishers website, Booklogix, or Amazon as a paperback. This is the first book of the series and there is so much promise to be found. If you enjoy sci-fi and fantasy and romance than journey on over. This book was meant to be read like your watching a movie.

What is it about?

A boy who is faced with an ability to walk through peoples dreams and suffer through his predicament alone. Until he meets Saphira whose abilities unravel the very thoughts of what life was and now has him thinking about that unforeseeable future. The one his “Aunt” Emma, a Palm reader who can tell the future, has been steering them from since he was born. He finally meets his father and learns of Initium, his birthplace. A city captivated by technology disguised as nature. A place where everyone has an ability unless they part of the military forces that run their humble home where they work to help each other exist in a harmonious style that elicits no fear of anything or anyone. Except those who know the truth. The one’s who have managed to sneak through the system or rest beneath the foundation of the city. Will Cedric find his answers fast enough to help his citizens from taking over the world as they are led by General Daniel Stein?

What type of audience would be interested?

Written for the young adult but enjoyed by all ages. For those who like to read about dystopian societies, heroes journeys, romantic embraces, and cryptic undertones.

How can I get it?

The paperback is available today on my site or Amazon. It will be available as an ebook in 3-4 weeks. Stay posted at You can also stay current with my Twitter and Facebook page.

Join me on the thrilling adventure of Cedric and his adventure to understanding his role in the demise or rebirth of Initium.


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