Once Published…What Next?

Time will tell. That is the phrase of my life for the past few years as I grew an understanding of what the publishing game was about and what I needed to do to make the Project E.D.E.N. a big success. You can have a great idea but if you can’t communicate it in a way that speaks to people then your great idea is for you and you only.

Coming up with what I consider to be a fictional mix of indecision, angst, leaning toward ingenious I feel very confident the mass of people out their would find my novel entertaining. Of course literature is all subjective and while today I am being egotistical about the pounding of my fingers to the keyboard tomorrow I may feel like it is a work in progress. That is the thing about creating your own world. You are so deep into it that you are not sure if you are too deep or still in the shallow end of the pool.

What process am I up to now? I’m waiting on first 25 samples to be printed and already, before they are in my hand, I am pondering wether I should fork more money up front to get a few hundred on hand. Of course customers can buy this book on amazon.com in a week plus but I know a lot of people in my life that would be happy not to pay shipping. Selling to family and friends is a bit of the easy part. Selling to people you don’t know is harder because you have to inform them about something they don’t know.

As Steve Job states: “A lot of times, people don’t know what they want until you show it to them.”

When you are pretty much on your own in this business, no support nationally….you have to think out of the box. What can I get my biggest bang for my buck? Therefore I’m going to try something interesting. Once I commit to ordering a big mass of books I am going to target local book clubs through meetup.com and ask them if they have interest reading my book in their club and I would be happy to give a discount to each of them, come to a meeting and do a Q&A, sign autographs….. Therefore I will actually sell my books and hopefully they will like it so much they get their friends and families to join in.

Always have a back up plan! Once i exhaust meetup.com I’m hitting up book clubs in my genre that are posted on Goodreads.com.

Wish me luck. I will officially try this experiment in about two weeks to a month; once i have the inventory.


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