Opening Project E.D.E.N.

2013-11-11 17.35.44-1I’ve disappeared for a while because I have a lot of weight on my shoulders but they are well…being shifted due to my overwhelming delight at the creation of my imagination. Today I received a paperback version of my book. After years of writing and toying with the details as I designed the future of more books, creating an amazing series….after months of waiting for the editing to publishing game….it is finally here.

Today I received a proof of my book. I have a few days to review it, and if I approve, it goes into printing. If there are any issues with the interior layout then there goes a week or two of changing before the printing press. That means that in a month or so I will have the real deal in my hand; the 100% edited copy. Then it will be converted to ebook. If I get real lucky it will be out before or just after the holidays. If not then I’ll start out the New Year with an amazing resolution to see my dream to its fullest. Hopefully one day it wont be a dream but a reality.

Let me tell you more about this awesome day:

All day I was working knowing that the tracking said my book would be at my door at 12:01 P.M. today. Already I had the agonizing wait of a dead parcel day known as Sunday where my book sat 5 miles away in a closed UPS location. When I got home at 5:30 P.M. I crawled out of my mustang and walked around the back of my car in case it was in the mailbox. Stopping to get a view of my front porch I paused seeing the UPS parcel and I walked very slowly, as if it was a deer that would run at my presence. Picking up the package I walked back to my car and grabbed my things then walked into the home swiftly not wanting to drop anything and take longer to get to this surprise.

Project E.D.E.N.

Lying the package on the counter I put down my things and took a picture. Then I opened it carefully like I was unwrapping a child from their blanket. Tossing the packaging to the side I put it down. There was a crease on the cover from its shipping but that couldn’t sadden me in the least bit; just an observation. It was my book. MY BOOK IN PRINT!

Please stay posted through twitter and facebook about instant status changes of its publication to printing process!

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