I Am Anonymous, Part 4-8: Enemies Close

I Am Anonymous“Agent 98 is showing no signs of cooperation, how would you like us to proceed?” I heard the young doctor speaking in his boyish whisper as I lie stiffly against the metal cot that I’d been accustomed to for weeks.

“Dr. Halin, do you agree?” The General spoke.

“To an extent. She shows signs of shock still, flashbacks are taking their toll on her mind. She doesn’t speak about them. I would be interested in studying her more.”

“She was on her way to being the greatest soldier I had ever had the privilege to set my eyes on. It would be a shame to see such a talent being wasted. I’ll give you two weeks. If she shows no sign of improvement then she will be….terminated.” He sighed.

A few minutes later the door slid open and shut, Dr. Halin took a  seat beside my bed. Not a word was said for a while. I stared at the metal ceiling. How would I ever leave this place?

“Agent 98, do you remember your real name?”

I blinked my eyes twice, our way of communication since I had been given my memories.

I could see her smiling from the corners of my eyes as she scribbled notes. She ran through the same drill every day to chart what I remembered and what I was learning. The same questions proceeded: Do you remember the Caleb’s, your first foster parents? Do you remember your first shift (what they called my transporting) to the Generals office? Do you remember the last place you saw Michael?

None of these questions were in order and then she stopped. No new questions. She put her notes down on the floor. “Do you hear what is going on in the next room?”

She caught me off guard. She had never asked me about my abilities as of right now in current time. I didn’t blink.

“I can’t. For the first time since I have known you, the General is not around to listen, nor are those he entrust. I’ve been waiting for the right moment to speak to you about our similarities. I have always been on your side but I have worked very hard for a long time to infiltrate his team. When I first saw you I knew we were like me. I’ve been waiting to tell you everything I know, but right now it is more important to find a way to help you escape permanently.  There is something more important that you must do than protect your brother. The two of you together were meant to save our entire race.”

Confused by this conversation I worried that some sort of drugs were causing me to hallucinate. I had known her most of my life, she had never shown an ounce of empathy, a sign of her nature toward me. She had only been the doctor.,  my shrink.

“Still you lie there after what I said. You probably assume that somehow you have been beating the medicine, getting stronger, building a tolerance to it. You can still experience your abilities because I’ve been lowering the dosage slowly. Your escape last time went very poorly. You are so strong yet mentally you have handicapped yourself to assume what you are capable of and what you are not. Do you still lie there mute after I have shared my deepest secret. Is proof necessary?”

She stared at me as I continued to stare straight up, not wanting to fall for some elaborate hoax.

“So you shall have it.” She stated, standing up. “I will see you tomorrow.”

Her body shifted out of the room into the hall. I bolted up in my bed watching a smile on her face as she pushed her glasses up, holding her clipboard close to her chest she walked away.Unsure of what to do next I calmed myself down, laying back, ready to pretend as if nothing had changed.

The next day Dr. Halin walked in without any other followers. She sat down and I in turn sat up.

“Are you here to help me leave?”

“She speaks. Your theatrics have always impressed me. The perfect soldier is right. He doesn’t know how well you shut down.”

“Compared to you I feel as if I am in the presence of a master.”

“Let’s get one thing straight. You and I have the same abilities, we are from the same race, however we are not the same.”

“I don’t understand.”

“You are of royal blood. A long time ago our race was found to be superior. We were thought of as Gods to this world. Our ancestors are said to be born from stars and sent to earth to carry out our purpose.”

“What is this purpose?”

“We all have different paths, chosen long ago as long as fate has existed. I only know mine. I am a protector.”

“How do you know?”

“Only one of the royal blood can deem one worthy of their purpose. Your father, he came across me. He had this way of knowing when others like him were near. A sixth sense. When he touched my hand something happened to me. My skin had begun to itch and tingle for days. I thought maybe I was coming up with some weird flu. Then the power combusted within me. When my first transformation happened and I witnessed my blood boiling beneath me, it was so painful. Then it spread.” She stood up and turned around, bringing up her shirt to reveal a tattoo of spiked vines leading up her spine.

“Your father found me soon after, or rather I found him again. I could hear his voice in my head like he was calling for me and I followed it into an alley. As if I was accustomed to some innate tradition my body bowed beneath him. He asked me to protect his family. He said that fate would lead them to me.”

“How do you plan on protecting me?”




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