Every Choice Should Have Conviction

ConvictionWe all want to live these happy lives, and while some can live mediocrely in the now, others may aspire for greatness and want to push the limits. We are all born with innate skills, or talents as most say, yet few of us actually push our limits and learn to what extent we can grow. Most of the time, however, it is not about that natural ability, it is about your conviction to follow through with your skills to make the life you want.

Growing up I was an internal person. Socializing was not one of my interest. Pessimism was ever growing in me because at a younger age there was less than I could control: environment, daily schedule, interest…. As I got older, not just move out of the house older, I began to develop skills I never thought were possible. This shy girl began to speak up without waiting for someone to acknowledge her existence, she started looking on the positive side, her public speaking…well it continues to get much better year over year; the most I can take without turning red is talking to a staff of a dozen or so. All in all the person I am now is not who I thought I could be when I was young.

What changed? The will to have a better life, a life that I wanted. In order to do that I had to learn to adapt to my surroundings and while I did that I found I actually enjoyed my new traits and felt they only enhanced my still existing traits like writing. Long ago I never thought i would share a story, I was too embarrassed at the idea of writing and hardly even wrote to myself in fear that it was permanently there. Now I realize what I want and I go for it. Nothing can hold you back in life but yourself. If you think you don’t have a choice then look again. You may not always like the choices given to you, but one choice leads to a multitude of others and when you make that decision it is up to you to have the conviction to follow through so that the next choice you have is one that you would gladly choose for yourself.


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