When I Was Younger….

New GirlSo I’m watching an episode of New Girl, one of the new ones *Spoiler Alert* (more so minor detail) and I started thinking about how much lifestyle has changed in just the few decades I have lived. It was the part when Nick told Jess that he was low on minutes for his 10000 minute phone plan from 1999. I laughed, because it wasn’t that long ago when I was in the same boat.

Everyone growing up has heard a similar phrase from an elder that goes like “When I was your age we used to…..”. When your growing up the phrase gets on your nerves and you just don’t understand. Your like who cares what your life was like, this is what it is like now. Yea, we are all pretty spoiled by what we have been lucky enough to grow up with until things start changing. I hear a long time ago they had to make their homes out of clay. I imagine as the next generation of cave man found that wood was a better source, before the next discovered rock than later brick and mortar (i have no clue about what came first or next, just imagining) their parents and elders must have said, When I was your age I used  to have to pat my house dry after it rained for more than an hour.

Just painting the idea of how annoying that statement is to the young generation who haven’t experienced anything other than what they know. In their heads they feel like your being the whining child because you are speaking a language they have yet to learn. I thought for sure I would have another 30 years before I made such comments. After hearing about how my grandparents walked in the snow to school (which I have done once, it sucks), or the black and white TV or so on you just assume that you will be more interested in what will come and not what you have…..but then you soon find yourself, I know I do,  in the same predicament.

Watching these kids with their newest and latest gadgets I don’ feel jealous of their skill or timing in this world for I have grown up in a similar stage of technology and though I didn’t have an iPad at two years old that I could operate better than their parent (who claim they bought it for themselves but then found it to be a great babysitter) for I am able to do the same, only when I was two I played with building blocks and magnets…..I think my mom actually took the time to entertain me more than the television.

With that being said I’ve seen the greatest and worst of life in just a few decades. I got to experience when computers were becoming more common in the household, video games were reinvented with wonderful graphics for its time and, even though we had older versions of the same thing we have now, I was still forced to go outside and play, to have face to face conversations with my peers though I was shy, to read books on paper and appreciate their worth. I got to experience the life that most generations did and that was contact with the real world. Building forts, playing in creeks, joining a game of four square, basketball, kickball and anything that worked with a basketball because we lost most things in the wrong neighbors yard. Then lifestyle changed really fast. Now I live in a neighborhood where I never see a kid playing in the cul-de-sac, most are playing virtually across the world or texting each other and messaging because physical contact is becoming less, imagination is weakening for the majority who are overly entertained by their surroundings, and things are becoming too computer based.

It’s a mixed feeling within me. I am a techno-freak. I love typing on a computer, reading from my iPad, text messaging more than phone calls….I love all of it. And if I was a kid growing up in this age I would be more spoiled than I am, more impatient, more frivolous, less empathic, even more socially estranged. We are a victim of our generation and there is a reason why we are categorized. For even though we grow up in different homes with different problems we are still going through the general woes and tribulations. We evolve from the same culture and the majority linger to the same moral compasses and understandings of what we want from life.

My parents wanted the white picket fence home where they could raise their kids outside on a beautiful lush yard with two midsize cars and go on vacation every summer. When I’m ready to have a family I just want to live within my means because I am to scared of the economy, make sure they are going to good schools (because I have come to understand that not all of us are given equal education), and to make sure that with this streaming world of ads and entertainment crammed down our throats that I will be able to carve out a moment of regular life known as face to face conversation which will get harder and harder over the years as life goes on.

Now earlier, before I went on a tangent, I was talking about that old saying. Now understanding the meaning behind the phrase, which is the surprise at how time has snuck by and the amazement of not what has made life easier but what used to be harder and therefore better in its own way because it gave us a stronger sense of character. So here are my old annoying phrases now and I’m going to do the best after this to keep them to myself for the rest of my life because things change and you can’t keep looking in the past or you become resentful of what you didn’t appreciate. Just try to instill the strength and wisdom you found but in your own way.

When I was younger we had to make a choice between using the internet or making a phone call. When I was younger I had to pay 25 cents per minute to make a call. When I was younger I first had cassettes, then cd players, then mp3 devices. When I was younger I had a VCR player. When I was younger we used to visit the video store….I know theirs more but that will do.

For those of you who can think further back I have a whole new appreciation for your memories.


One thought on “When I Was Younger….

  1. lol, when I was yound I walked to school in the snow, used a rotary phone, had a black and white tv and have milk brought to our house by a lady on a bike from a near by village. Guess how old I am??!

    Yep, 27

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