I Am Anonymous, Part 4-6: Change of Plans

I Am Anonymous

Time went on as I stayed curled up in a ball in the center of the room trying not to suck in the chemicals that stirred in the air if I were to move.  I was only able to tell it had been 4 days since human contact, judging by the three square  meals a day, which I didn’t touch. I didn’t move other than to relieve myself at the scheduled time when I’m electrocuted to go into a small room that doesn’t allow me out until completion…..conditioning me to stay clean.

When I didn’t move to get the food I wasn’t surprised when I was finally zapped repeatedly like the constant vibrating of a phone that sharply pinged every cell in me. Only I couldn’t scream or cry, I was too tired. The pain reminded me of one thing, I was still alive. It stopped as I stirred to get up, trying to use my legs and when I reached the tray they had slid under the metal door as I halted my breathing, waiting for the chemicals to dissipate and perspire back down as I stared at the remnants of food that had probably been the same tray they had given to me each time. The same contents since the first meal I hadn’t ate. Throwing the tray at the wall with as much strength as I could the remains stuck to the wall, falling to the ground.

This caused a violent volt to spread through me, causing the chemicals to stir as I thrashed from the pain that increased before I passed out on the ground. When I awoke I was in a similar room to the one I had awoken in when I arrived at the facility. Strapped down in a metal bed with my wrist and ankles held captive I noticed two IV’s going through me.

“Hello Agent 98.”

Trying to pull from my bracelets with no success I lifted my head to see Dr. Halin walking over to me.

“Relax. The drugs in your system are keeping your cells at a solid level. When your activity and emotions increase, more chemicals are pumped in. I’d like to talk if that is okay.”

Taking her advice, not wanting to fall to the darkness for hours or days that I could no longer keep track of, I rested against the cool surface, keeping my eyes on her as she stood above me and evaluated my condition.

“You heal remarkably well. The doctors here examined you while you were out. Nothing that you aren’t used to. But they think they can find something different this time.”

“Why are you here. What do they want you to get out of me.”

“I’m not here for them Agent 98. I’m here for you.” Her voice was gentle, calm. “You’re wellbeing has always been my first interest, it is my job to make sure you were always mentally prepared for your missions.”

“What mission must you send me on now?”

“No mission this time. Just making sure you are well. I still care about you regardless of what my job is.”

The room was silent and I wasn’t sure what to believe. Her kind eyes said one thing but there she was watching me helplessly, contained by the system, the system that wanted more from me than I was willing to give.

“Why do they think they will find something different?”

“Dr. Tonician had a lot of encrypted research.”

“There’s nothing there but incoherent puzzles. The man was psychotic. He thought that–” I cut off thinking about how the man had created a relationship with Michael to be his son, caused him to believe in a life that never existed, and as he was taking Michael’s blood for years he did it for himself. Though I didn’t even understand why.

“He may have been crazy to some extent Agent 98. However he was quite ingenious, lived much longer than we understand. He had a lot of research, and perhaps a majority of it is locked in his own rhythm. However we found him where you left him, he seems to be just fine. They hope to find answers to further look into his research. While you have been sleeping…..they have taken a biopsy of your organs, same procedure as when you were found a long time ago. Only now they have reason to find answers to what they see.”

“What will they do when they find their answers?”

She shrugged her shoulders. “You’re very special to us Agent 98. We just want to make sure that you understand what side you should be on.”

“You don’t care about my wellbeing.” I laughed at her tidy uniform and her slick backed blonde hair in a bun. “You’re just like me. trapped. Trapped by what they know. Trapped by what they don’t know. You think I will give you anything about Michael.”

“I understand how you must feel Agent 98. We recognize that your hesitance to trust us again is absolutely normal. The General has realized that he has been too hasty. We think that maybe if we give you something back….then maybe you will understand our point of view.”

“We would like to give you back what we took. But it may be dangerous and can cause a clashing of your memory. That is, the one we gave you and the one that was yours.”

“I don’t understand.”

“No I can’t imagine that you do.” She looked very grim. “How many years do you remember being within the camp?”

“For so long I can’t even remember.”

“The drugs in this IV that runs through your system are slowly fighting against the neurotransmitters that were placed among your brain in a precise pattern to block select memories, or alter. When the drug reaches those blockers it will be very painful. I’m not quite positive that you will be able to talk after this, or move, or even remember anything at all. You have a few minutes before it begins.”


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