It’s Your Pill to Swallow

tumblr_lw6gdij4ZK1r863y1o1_500Life leads all of us to these unpredictable moments. Truth is that every day, we wake up, and we are completely unaware of the endless possibilities that could potentially change our lives. Most events are controllable; or were at a point that we chose to avoid. Some events are undeniable and when thrown at us it does not give time for preparation.

Morpheus asked Neo in the Matrix that it was his choice to take the red pill or the blue pill. This choice changed his life for ever and it was presented to him with warnings and advisement. Not every choice is like that. There are always two or more choices leading to every action we take and the most important ones that lead to our destination rarely come with guidance. While many choices are our own, some are inherited choices and for those it is not about what you are given, but what you do with it. Fate and destiny are options to believe in. If I have any say or any belief in either I would have to say that we make our own destiny, we choose our own fate. When we choose our pill to swallow we can look back and know that was our choice.

One thing we will know once time has passed is that a choice has been made and sometimes we are given a similar choice but we know that we can never have the same experience that one would have had if such choice was made differently in the beginning. When ever a choice has to be made it is final. We can not turn back time. Perhaps not today, tomorrow or the next but in the far future we will see that regardless of even a bad choice, or no choice made at all,  we wouldn’t trade it, for the trip it took us on was memorable. Moments that put us at peace exist within that timeline. Relationships are lost or made within the wait. One day those tough choices could be the best choices we ever made.

Some might say that they can’t relate. A long time ago they made bad decisions and carried them on some more. They’re in a rut and feel like nothing can be fixed. I ask one question for those that doubt their own will, “Are you breathing?”. If you’re alive and well then why can’t you wait, be patient, find out who you are without help from the outside. Look into yourself and have a talk. We are not perfect. Mistakes must be made to understand the truth of what lies ahead. The wise men are only with wisdom for the experiences they have made on their own; but they are alive, and respected because they learned the first time. Their is only one way to make a choice for oneself and that is with conviction.

Conviction, to me, is a firm belief in oneself that you can do anything you set your mind and heart to. Have the conviction to make the right choice, don’t let anyone choose for you. More importantly make the best choice for you and those you love. Create the life you dream or the one you need and make it your will to take the next step that leads to the best of you. Look closely, that choice is right in front of you. In the end it’s your pill to swallow.


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