I Am Anonymous, Part 4-5: Eye For An Eye

I Am AnonymousFrozen by the entrapment of the cold metal chair I held my unwavering conviction. The General walked closer to me holding off his henchmen. His face just an inch from mine he stared straight through me. That uncomfortable way he always did, only now I was no longer intimidated. The worst he could do wasn’t around as long as Michael was safe.

“You think that you deserve to know what I want with either of you,” he stated. “You’re going to tell me where he is, or your going to die with it held at the tip of your tongue.”

“That depends on whether your silent or not, the tongue may not be the last thing left.” An agent spoke up as he ran his fingers across the smooth metal blade of the scalpel, careful not to cut himself. I suppose he wouldn’t be so careful with me.

“Turn up the morphine. We don’t need her slipping or breaking out of our grasp again.” He smiled at me. “Electricity.”

Instantaneously the coursing energy of electricity prickled against my skiing, straining my muscles, eyes rolling back. Then it was gone, though my body jittered from the overwhelming void it left behind.

“That was low Agent 98. I know you’re strong. I’ve witnessed it since the day you brought to the camp. Eventually strength won’t matter.”

He nodded over to the agent who smiled as he pressed the remote that caused the obliterating pain to wash over me. Trying to hold my tongue I failed, screaming for a moment, trying my best to regain my self.

“If the next one doesn’t kill you then Agent 932 surely will after he plays a game of operation.”

Panting, my eyes blacking out I fought against the metal clamps that held me captive.

“Where is Michael?” He purred, shifting weight on his left leg.

Staring at him I nodded, and a smile formed across my strained face. Laughing hysterically as he motioned for another wave of electricity to climb in my skin.

Screaming brutally into the air helped ease the pain, made it more bearable. When it finally stopped I was out.

When I came too there was a strange whistling floating through the room reminding me that I wasn’t in a safe place. Maybe I never was. lying  down flat now I could see that the chair that had held me was now leveled out as a bed. Peering up I saw only Agent 932 who was sterilizing his tools.

“Why bother if you plan on killing me?”

He smirked. “Whatever makes you so special inside will be salvaged the best it can without your beating heart. The best knowledge about the human body has always been through dissection.”

“Hasn’t the human body been thoroughly explored?”

“Playful aren’t we.” He grabbed his precious scalpel. “We both know you aren’t quite human. Of course to know what you are is apparently above my pay-grade, that doesn’t stop them from hiring me to perform what they call coercing.”

“What would you call it?” Trying to keep him entertained I strained at my cuffs lightly, testing my pitiful strength.

“A painful death.” He smiled. “Oh I find it so entertaining.” He trailed his finger from the top of my stomach to my naval.

“Are we ready.” the general spoke up through an intercom.

“She is prepared.” He brought the scalpel down to my abdomen and with a smooth unflinching hand he place the blade, cutting into my layer of skin.

Holding my breath, tears streamed from my closed eyes, down my cheeks, and when I looked up he was gone.

The General barged through the door looking around as if he thought his eyes were deceiving him. “Dammit!” He screamed as he landed his fist down on the table causing all the shiny utensils to clatter to the ground. “How…” He stared at me, keeping a distance.

Confused, I didn’t understand what had happened.

“Prepare the room.” He pushed something in his ear as he screamed to the person on the other end. “If it’s not ready then get it ready!”

He disappeared. But where? I just wished he was gone, in a torturous place, the same place that caused me harm.

“Put her under.” He stated and it wasn’t long before it all faded again.

When I was coherent I felt free. My arms and legs no longer restrained. The floor, the walls, the ceiling were all padded. It was like a crazy room, as if I would bounce my body off of every corner of the place.

“Agent 98, glad to see you well rested.” The General spoke using his silky voice, as if he was trying to  soothe me.

Standing up I ran to the closest wall placing my hand against it, feeling along the walls as I walked the room. Somewhere a door existed.

“Your little mind games have been taking a number on my health. To keep you more hospitable to the staff and your surroundings the team has developed a way to create a powder from the drugs that keep you under the weather. Every small movement you make stirs the chemicals in the air and will weaken you.”

Feeling the lack of air reaching my lungs I felt myself fall to the floor. My body paralyzed in the center of the room.

“Your games won’t work here as long as your skin touches these chemicals, though to be safe I don’t plan on making any personal visits.” he took a deep breath. “We’ve located Agent 932. He’s no longer on the team due to your transporting him to a morgue as a corpse was about to be sawed through the chest cavity, well Agent 932 took the corpse fate before the surgeon could realize. Very tasteful Agent 98. Eye for an eye I suppose. Your abilities increasingly amaze me. I want to remind you that we will locate your brother with or without you. How difficult you intend to be with our search shall make it that much harder on me as you. In the end I may have to live knowing that you will die before I reach my sweet and sorrowful retreat.”

He paused allowing another voice to speak.

“Agent 98.” Dr. Halin’s gentle voice spoke.


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