I Am Anonymous, Part 4-4: Trapped

I Am AnonymousGuards poised around us, the motor  obliterated, and there was only the ocean ahead. There was only one option.  Michael looked really tired and there was no way we were both going to leave here. There was also no way that the guards were going to fire a bullet to kill us. One would survive at a minimum for them  to take a risk on either would be detrimental to whichever plan the General had in mind.  These guns were a scare tactic, but the tranquilizers weren’t. Those were very much real.

We were frozen. Michael’s breathing was increasing and his eyes looked at me with concern. My little brother, that I never got to watch grow up, was looking at me with those same eyes I remembered from the first time we were split. From the first time that I had sent him away from me. Just like then I grabbed his hand tightly, the guards guns were aimed and I could see one of the tranquilizers, from the corner of my eye, inches  away.

“I’ll find you.”

“Jess-” His voice called out before he disappeared from my hand.

The dart stuck right into my neck. The shock caused me to jolt and I jumped into the water as several more pierced my waist and arms. The jump turned more into a fall and skink. For a while I sank deep down into the dark water that only glowed at first from the light at the end of the dock. The deeper I sank the darker it got. My chances were slim, but perhaps I could rest. Maybe it would be too late for me and Michael would be safe, wherever he went.

My energy had displaced into him, taking him to wherever he was thinking before he left. The water was getting colder and I was getting number. A smile spread across my face as everything became dark and serene.

Cold, lying on a metal table, I was being watched. This was an all glass room. A two-way mirror and I was the spectacle. Sitting up quickly I tore out all the little stickers attached to my body, pulling needles of my arm and hand as I sat up quickly, wearing a paper dress they had wrapped tightly around my chest down to my upper thighs. This was my show to put on for them. They were going to request information from me.

Jumping off the bed and taking several steps on the concrete floor I put my hands up against the mirrors feeling their coolness, seeing my breathing clouding against the surface. The loud sound of concrete shifting like an elevator that was going under ground caused me to jolt. Peering down the deep hole I saw the concrete coming back up,  instead of a metal stretcher it was a chair, with clamps for ankles and wrist. They wanted to play. Challenge accepted.

When the floor leveled out I looked straight through one of the mirrors feeling a sense of eyes staring at me. How did they plan on getting me in their slaughter chair, it wouldn’t be easy. Suddenly I felt a stinging zap spread from my feet up. Jumping in the air slightly, feeling the hair on my body standing up I was surprised. Taking a step away from the chair it ran through my body again and I shook. This was an interesting game. Taking another step back the electrical discharge was stronger and I gritted my teeth trying not to scream.

Taking a step forward I smiled then took two steps back and in return their reward was to press their little button for thirty seconds. Thirty long agonizing seconds as my body was planted in its place, feeling the electrifying current gripping my body. After standing there for over a minute they turned it on again. Unable to move, gritting my teeth, trying my best not to scream in torture for a minute this time. As soon as it ended I stumbled. falling down as I reached for the chair. They wanted their way with me and in some ways it would be easier for me if I complied.

The electricity was coursing through the floor at a lower frequency. Struggling to stand up, getting used to the prickling sensation that picked at my skin, I walked over to the chair. Taking a deep breath I sat down on the cool metal. The electricity stopped, leaving a tingling feeling among me like my body was asleep and the numbness hadn’t worn off. The metal cuffs snapped against my wrist and ankles.

Mirrors across from me slid open and the General stepped in with two body guards. One held a kit, I was sure it was full of fun tools that they enjoyed playing with when they didn’t get quite what they wanted. This was the time where I felt the pain and built a tolerance. This would make me stronger.

“Agent 98. How compliant, aren’t we? I hope you do make it easier on yourself. There are many ways this can go and of course, I do care for you Agent 98. It is never too late to be on our side.”

The brunette male agent laid out the tools on a small table that had arrived with the chair. Their were over 20 tools, and one of them was a handheld propane torch. This was no longer the child’s play that I had known.

“Now, I assume you know what information I need Agent 98. Are you ready to deliver?”

“I just have one request.”

“Request.” He repeated, then laughed. “You always amaze me Agent 98. Please, amuse me. What do you request?”

“Tell me what you want from us and I will tell you where he is.”

He pursed his lips looking at me quizzically. With curiosity in his eyes he stepped closer.


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