No Failure In Writing

failureMy favorite part about writing is that there is no failure. There is one if you count stop writing. Some people say they are not good at writing and I just shake my head. Who ever said writing had to be good? Maybe it is not good to everyone but it may be good to someone. Writing isn’t for everyone but if you just think you are bad at it then you are sadly mistaken. Writing, like everything, takes practice. Write every day for a year and then tell me if you are still bad at writing. If that’s too big of a commitment then take it for a month and see what you can do.

We have a tendency as humans to be imperfect and within those conditions we make mistakes. Writing can be a technical art full of perfection but at the end of the day it can be just the tendency to jot down your thoughts wether properly perfected or misspelled and in a haste. I can not state it enough, there is no failure in writing but the failure to stop.

Everyone needs an outlet. A place within them to voice out their thoughts and feelings. It isn’t the same for everyone. We all have our own passions and our own way of venting frustrations. For me it is writing but for others it could be drawing/painting, martial arts/boxing/running/dancing,/rocking out….

The point is that writing is just like anything else that we can turn to when we are at our happiest to our worst. It is easy to pick up a pen or  type out our thoughts , knowledge, and imagination.

A long time ago I wanted to be a writer because I liked  getting my thoughts out and enjoyed toying with my imagination. Then I got older and I was told that it wasn’t a career and somehow between the studying and the worrying I forgot what was more important….my sanity. For some reason the thought that doing something that didn’t help my career or economic growth wasn’t worth doing at all. Then one day I remembered that it made me happy, it helped me cope.

Writing wasn’t about money, fame or success. Writing can be a way of releasing or sharing. Success can be the completion of your project. Whatever your output is to this thing called life, just embrace it. If it can’t make you a living then keep your day job and hold on to your happiness.


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