I Am Anonymous, Part 4-3: The Blood Boils

I Am AnonymousBatting my eyes I felt the stinging irritation of a bright light coming in sight. I shuttered knowing that I was finding myself in this position more often than I was trained for. On the other hand, I never thought I would be on the opposite side of my team. Never had I thought that their interest would collide from mine.

Knowing the usual set up, from those I had helped retrieve for them, I saw the machines with plasma displays that depicted my health. Then there was another machine that was analyzing my blood. This was all standard. They knew my blood was unique, and why. That is where I made the assumption a long time ago that if my blood was safe with them then they could be trusted. This is what confused me so.

My blood was more than just my way of healing myself, it could heal others. Not just the normal wear and tear of flesh or vital organs, it could seize every disease known to man, as my team saw fit to use my blood to test out its limits. There was more. I knew that there had to be more to my blood, something that I didn’t understand yet. Something that Mr. Tonician was looking for. I had this strange feeling that the government knew more than I did but less than they wanted to. That could be the only reason they hadn’t found a way to drain it all out of me to synthesize it. So far they were having no luck, however that could be lack of information provided to me.

Finding Michael was the only thing that made me jolt within my chains that held me down. The medicine they gave me was coursing through my veins, I could feel the heat in my skin as I tried to transfer my energy out of the chains but my skin prickled from the injections causing me to feel faint. Fighting my will to close my eyes and let the darkness overwhelm me I strained my ears to hear.

Always being a loyal agent for the General and my Commanders I was never content on sharing everything. While they had measured me throughout my training I had never given everything I could. At first I was overwhelmed by the power and then I was in fear of what others would do if they saw how strong I was. I dialed it back for so long that it became second nature to allow others the opportunity to use their force. This was my advantage. The medication was weak against my system. Concentrating and listening hard. Hearing the beeping of the machine. My light breathing. Then the sound of my blood boiling against the medication, fighting it.

Concentrating on the pulling of the particles within me I focused harder. Imagining the liquid disintegrating as my blood heated and consumed it. Taking a deep breath as I felt the stinging pain rattling within my flesh, my eyes opened wide and everything became clear., my vision sharper, Slowly turning my head to the side I saw a familiar machine. Almost any movement, like sitting up, would cause this machine to release another heavy dosage of the blood thinner they were providing me. That was the most I understood of this medication they had created for someone like me. Since my powerhouse was my blood, it aimed to thin it out.

Waiting in silence for minutes that felt like hours I felt my blood boiling on my own accord. Taking a deep breath I found my self instantaneously at the door.  The chains fell against the table along with the IV and sensors that had decorated my skin. I couldn’t possibly have enough time. Popping from room to room with a split second thought I had no luck. Popping into the surveillance room standing just behind a guard that was playing solitaire I grabbed the fire extinguisher and just as he turned his head I held it up high and made contact with his skull as he was reaching for an alarm. Not fast enough.

Lights flash, a siren went off and I locked my view on the wall of screens that showed the hallways, the rooms.

“Michael…” he was laying in a similar room only he was still healing from the large gaping holes they had dug within his skin.

Popping out of the room and into his. I found him drowsy and I immediately stripped the wires from his skin.

“Jessica.” He called out to me, the name he knew me by from my assignment. The only other name I had to offer him was Agent 98 which was a shorter list of numbers than I had been given when I first was received at camp.

“It’s going to be okay Michael. I promise you.” I looked at my little brother, several years younger, not really little. Not little like the visions I was having over the past months since I met him.

He didn’t remember me like I remembered him. His memory had been changed much more than mine. It seems he had gone through many hands before I found him. I could hear security stomping down the halls. He was in no condition to help me with escaping. And I wasn’t in too much condition to support the both of us. However that never stopped me in any mission before. Holding my breath I sat on the bed holding his hand and then we appeared on the outer banks of the facility. All he was wearing were briefs and he was covered in scars, that meant he was healing. I looked over the wall and saw a small motor boat.

“Get up. We need to go now.”

We reached the dock and he practically stumbled into the boat. Untangling the rope I kept nervously looking around and just as I was about to turn on the engine a bullet busted into the motor frying my plans.


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