I Am Anonymous, Part 4-2: Loose Ends

I AM ANONYMOUSThe common room was the normal continuance of white walls with uncomfortable sofas and wooden chairs. There was a T.V. set over a decade old hanging on the wall and a few board game boxes next to books and magazine on a small rack. The medication made me tired. Most the time I found myself sitting on the sofa staring out into space., watching as the nurses and doctors entered the room.

My doctor had regular visits with me. There wasn’t much communication on my part. He acted as if he was on my side but I knew that he was working for them. If I had anything to say, then they would find Michael. Most of our visits consisted of me rocking back and forth staring at the seams of everything that was connected. The way the linoleum met against each other, the ceiling tile trays, the fabric of the couch and pillows. Everything met together. Everything had a purpose. Here I was locked up pretending to have no memory and they were trying to fit me together and make me work with their needs. My whole life had been a scheme of how I could fit into their picture.

“Doctor.” A nurse tapped on his shoulder as he was staring at me. He stared a lot, then wrote a lot on his clipboard.

“Not now Donna, I’m in the middle of—”

“But sir, your next patient has arrived.”

He stared at her for a moment with a look of confusion before quickly composing himself and standing up. “To be continued Agent 98. The guards will let you back in your room momentarily.”

He rushed off in a hurry. Listening closely was harder than usual, the drugs in my system weakened me, however the common room had thin walls. I could hear men running by and the sound of handcuffs scratching against a metal bar.

“Why haven’t you put him down.” The doctor screamed.

“Sir, we did.”

“Get out of my way.” He growled.

Other then the shuffling of feet, everything became quiet.

Days passed and I began to feel stronger as I built a tolerance to these pills, while still playing to their use in front of all others. The doctor hadn’t been in to visit me and without him their were no orders to leave the room. I felt like I was in a hole, trapped from all others. The door never opened, trays of food were slid in through a locked panel from the outside.

When the door finally swung open my heart dropped. It was the General. Quickly recovering I looked at him blankly, staying at the edge of the bed, curled up against the wall. The doctor and one male nurse walked in behind him.

“Agent 98.” He spoke up waiting for me to heed his command; I didn’t move a muscle. “The doctor tells me you have displaced your memory. Says you have yet to recognize or recall information of who you are.” He smoothed out his mustache. “However, your brain activity is at peak levels and more importantly we have ran many images on our processors to see what is capable of the fall with one in your condition. We have watched over you for quite some time and due to our examinations we have found your capabilities to be able to stand much more than a simple fall. Your body heals faster than most, as does your brain.”

He waited for my reaction and was upset to see that it wasn’t what he had hoped for. “Of course Agent 98 I understand that you may be worried about the repercussions. It is understandable for one to react as you did when you found he was your sibling, it was unexpected for all of us.”

I pondered his words. How did he know.

“Your parents didn’t have the two of you documented and without your respect to tell me the truth, well it wasn’t easy to find out other than the way you have formed an attachment. You are like a daughter to me Agent 98. I have made sure that you have had the best provisions and training. I have sheltered you from the outside world, protected you from becoming another experiment. Then you keep this from me.”

He shook his head and took out a phone. “Perhaps you will take me more seriously if you respect what I have to offer you.”

Pressing play the nurse walked over to me and held my face at the view of the camera. At first I kept diverting my eyes until I heard his voice. Michael screamed in torture. They were cutting him open and pulling out little devices.

“We had to make sure he was clean. Mr. Tonician is known for keeping tracking devices on all of his possessions. We were doing Michael a favor since it is obvious now that he is not Mr. Tonicians son, but was his prisoner. Unfortunately the doctor didn’t have time to numb his pain, we didn’t want to be found with him. It was such a wild goose chase between us and Mr. Tonicians men.”

I could feel the heat rising in my cheeks. Watching the devices dripping with his blood after they pulled them out of is abdomen, calf, neck…” I couldn’t listen to him scream to me in pain for another second. Breaking free from the nurses grasp I elbowed him in the nose and as the doctor reached out for me I slammed him against the wall. The General just watched. I wasn’t strong enough to go through the wall, my only chance was in my strength. Ripping the door off its hinges I pushed it away and ran down the hall until I felt a pulse go through my body. Electrical discharge from a stun gun pierced my side and I trembled as I tried to fight it, watching as another nurse injected the same chemicals within my arm.

My eyes wavered, the pain faded, and it became dark….


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