Uniquely Alike

Things may come in pretty packages and look wonderful and amazing from a distance. It’s the moment you take off the bow and ribbon that you realize that little box is not what you had expected. Either your expectations were too high or to low. Maybe its empty. It is easy to judge on the outside. Life is so simple when you can look from a distance and make comments on character. Slanderous words are used against each other because we are too blind to see that we are all the same.

“If you prick us, do we not bleed? if you tickle us, do we not laugh? if you poison us, do we not die? and if you wrong us, shall we not revenge?”. – (Act III, scene I).”

― William ShakespeareThe Merchant of Venice

Each of us are individuals, unique in our own ways. We are all 1 of a kind. None of us are equal 100% by genetics alone especially mixed with our personality, lifestyles, and culture. How can we be so different and yet the same? We all feel the same human emotions, have the same thoughts, have the same dreams in some varying way we have the same end goal and have felt the same in particular situations that may differ greatly.

We all judge one another. Make assumptions on lifestyles. It is easier to make opinions instead of understanding one another. Stereotypes and categories are common because they are easy. There is little thought to make such accusations. In the end we find that we all have felt pain before, most have felt lost, some have felt true hate, and few have experienced real forever love. It is because we block ourselves from others that we don’t allow ourselves to feel. It is easier to keep out the emotions. Yet there is no inspiration in that.

Following your dreams and letting go of beating yourself up for any reason fades when you gain understanding, compassion, and wisdom. Learning about others, of history, and of life, brings you clarity. Taking a moment to walk in someone else’s shoes may be different and yet more alike than you ever could have imagined.


2 thoughts on “Uniquely Alike

  1. Great minds think alike. Wrote this a while ago…

    “We spend So much time differentiating ourselves. Black white/ young old/ rich poor/ American non American/ democratic republican…just typing that seems so foolish and looking at it jumps out as so insignificant…only in “civilized” cultures are these things deemed important. Awe the Juxtaposition! Wont even touch religion.yikes! In tribes it’s about survival and respecting your resources. One doesn’t hunt for fun but to eat…one doest crap where they sleep… One makes sure they plant their harvest today and maintain everyday until day of tomorrow…
    You breathe air? Me too! You cry tears? me Too! You bleed blood? Who knew? I do as well…I take it we are both human…So why is you skin browner than mine? Well at some point in history someone lived in a climate that was hot and the body was forced to evolve…So long story short humans evolve and adapt…I am not saying that racism isn’t still alive and well I’m just saying I have way more important pressing matters than to worry about “the man”…i know better than most cause I sure do look suspicious…of what? Sorry officer I wasn’t aware I wasn’t allowed to drive my automobile in the neighborhood i live in that I bust my ass to get the right way…classism and ignorance seems to be what I really need to be worrying about. What a diatribe such a waste to post. my beliefs do not require others to believe. question and research…as someone once said “use no-way as way” and yet this is misinterpreted…aww so the problem isn’t choice its language…”

    • Well said. Cast away the categories and the physical looks and look at what is similar, what is alike. We are all breathing and fighting this uphill battle of life together even though sometimes we may find ourselves against one another, that is by choice alone.

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