Choose Your Fate

What choice will you make?LIfe is all about choices. Perhaps you have once thought to yourself, how did I get hereor Why am I still here? If not yet, then one day you will, its inevitable. We all think that someday. Think about how we ended up further than our original plans or why we have never made that choice that would have changed the path we once wanted long ago. Most people don’t make choices because of what they want. They make choices on what is needed.

We have rare opportunities in life to just seize the moment and change our stars. Some think it can’t be done. That fate has given us a singular path. The freedom of choice is extraordinary in this day of age, especially in America. One day you could be homeless living on the street and the next day you can win the lottery. One day your shoveling fries at McDonald’s and the next day you become a rapper. Anything is possible when we make the right choices and find those opportunities that fly by faster than a blink of an eye.

Not every opportunity is the right one. Sometimes those choices end up in slumps or losses. Judgement, particularly good, changes your success rate to choose the right opportunity. If there is anything I have learned in the last decade it is that you have to be willing to work for what you want. Nothing grows from trees and no one looks out for anyone that can’t eventually walk for themselves.

Life is extremely short. We spend most our days repetitively doing the same thing over and over; waking up, going to work, mowing the yard, cleaning the dishes, going to bed then back at it all over again. Why not take a chance on yourself and make the right choices. The right choices may not be all lights and glitter, but if it is anything, it is responsibility. Responsibility is the one thing that defines us as deserving individuals. Since we were children we dreamed of growing up and having a driving, having a job, being able to stay out late… All those things had to come with responsibility.

The right choices are taking the task at hand,whether it is a want or need, and giving it all you have. If that means making an album than work at it every day every minute you have, put off sleep if it’s that important to you. If it means raising a family and paying the bills than surround yourself with memories and be the best you can be at the job you have, take pride in it because it gives you what you need, and sometimes that is what most people want. Whatever your mission and passions are in life you owe it to yourself to seize and conquer, at the very least give it your all and have no regrets.

Choices are a definitive opportunity conjured up to make us all different and unique. It is because of our will, to make a path where we see fit, that we all live in a world of endless possibilities. FInd out what you want. Own it. Take it.

(Disclaimer: I do not authorize any crime or abuse in order to take what you want. Remember that you have to earn it through social, moral and law standards first.)


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