I Am Anonymous, Part 4-1: Mission Incomplete

I AM ANONYMOUSWatching Michael and Skylar plummet to the depths of the water, from where I stood, frightened me in the fact that I hadn’t trained him well enough. What if he over reacted, teleported to a different area, fell to the ground again. Helicopters were in the background. Watching as I saw them disappear into the water I felt someone grab my shoulder.

Holding the hand I pulled the body over me, his gun fired several times, but missed. Taking it from his hands I used the end of it to crack the black helmet that it wore with the rest of its black padding and gear. The plastic cut the mans face up and I spun and kicked him on his chest causing him to fall backwards down the cliff, screaming. Turning around I stood alert when five men ran up through the woods with lasers pointed at my chest.

They were my team. Or so I had thought, so they had thought. Now that I found Michael and was starting to have these odd flash backs I knew they weren’t the side I wanted to be on. They stuck to their aim and I lifted my arms up dropping the gun as I slowly stepped toward the edge of the cliff. There was no way I would get away from this. They had trained me and I could see a number of ways they would succeed. If any chances it was the long drop, which I knew I could survive, however I would have to show them something that I had withheld since the day my parents had died. I wasn’t even sure if I would be successful escaping.

Taking a deep breath I closed my eyes. I felt light as air, my feet no longer against the sturdy ground, my breathing no longer deep but shallow as I took multiple breaths throughout every particle of my body. Then everything snapped back and my vision was looking down at the deep river below. Plunging deep down I felt my heart snap out of my body for a moment as the water flowed up my nose and into my lungs. I had never practiced this ability, I was in fear of showing everyone my specialties, causing them to treat me any different from how they already did.

As I struggled for air several bullets punctured my right shoulder, the bullets went through me and as I jolted from the pain my head hit a rock and I felt the pain subside as everything else within me faded.

Nearly jumping out of the bed I felt confused. Looking around me were beige walls with no windows to the outside, only a door. Tearing off the white sheets I pulled out an IV and swung my legs off the bed. Wearing a white cloth that one would find in a hospital, I tightened the strings around me and held my balance against the walls as I walked over to the door. Peering out of the rectangular window I saw nothing but a long hallway with doors on either end. I could make out four more doors against my wall and 5 against the other. Banging on the wood I screamed, after trying the handle, knowing it wouldn’t open.

After an hour of screaming I moved to the bed rocking back and forth. I couldn’t remember how I had gotten here. All I remembered was falling into the river and now I was in a locked room. I wondered if Michael and Skylar had escaped. The door creaked open and a nurse came in with a tray, behind her were two guards holding onto tasers strapped to their belt.

“Hello Agent 98.”

I didn’t look at her.

“Would you prefer Jessica?”

Still I looked at my feet.

“Very well. I’m here just to administer your medication. We want to make sure that you are being well taken care of.”

She came up to me with two rather large pills in a white paper cup and water in the other.

“There are many ways to administer these pills.” She stated. “Either way they will be taken, it is up to you, as to which lengths you would like us to proceed.”

Opening my mouth, recalling this from my first sanitation visit into the Generals program when I had been brought to the training camp, I swallowed the pills and pushed them back with the water. The nurse smiled at me as if she had expected this to have gone way worse.

She left with he guards, locking the door behind them.

Part of me wanted to push them back up. However this was the time where I gained and infiltrated their trust by being a patient. the sooner they could feel as if they have contained the emotions within me the sooner someone would talk to me and try to coerce what knowledge I knew, all the while informing me of what they know, if I could read between the lines.

A few days passed by. The medicine wasn’t ordinary, it not only subdued my thoughts and make everything feel like a dream; it also made my strength, healing, and other special abilities from working. It wasn’t just the medicine, they were feeding me more of the medication through the IV, the pills were just to test my trust.

After a few days I became more tolerant to the medication, however I only practiced when they weren’t around. There was one camera in the room and it had a blind spot in one of the corners. I noticed that by the way it attempted to turn as I paced.

Hearing the jingling of keys I laid as relaxed as I could against the wall on the bed. I knew what was next as the door opened. The friendly doctor was ready to treat me.

“Hello,” The doctor stated. “I’m Dr. Stevens.”

He put a flashlight up to my eyes. “The staff tells me you have been quite civil since you came to our facility. Perhaps we are ready to socialize.”


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