I Am Anonymous, Part 3-12: The Escape

I Am Anonymous SkylarJessica was certain that her brother would live, that Mr. Tonician appreciated him too much to let him be destroyed  That meant I was able to take more risk. Risk that otherwise I wouldn’t be able to do. There wasn’t much left for me. The man had killed my mother in cold-blood. My father had passed away from illness that is bound to catch-all of us, for some sooner than later. Then my brother. After years in the war, putting his life in danger everyday, he was killed in a car accident by a drunk driver. Nothing honorable in that death.

If I had to choose my death, it would be one made of honor. Michael was the only person I had a connection left with. Taking a deep breath and swallowing back tears I grabbed my knife, tieing it to my ankle, then grabbed two guns. They were heavier than the one my brother had taught me to use.

Jessica had hacked into Mr. Tonicians main frame. They were at Techtonic Corp. It was a long drive and all I could do was contemplate about the little that existed beyond this step. Jessica’s expertise for hearing from afar and walking through walls made the building very easy to get through. No one was in the building. It was a ghost town, then again it was also a Sunday afternoon. When we got to the main hall, and two doors separated me from Michael, Jessica and I split up. Mr. Tonician had excellent security, however once entered into his main buildings they were simple locks no longer adequate after the penetration of a bullet. That caught his attention.

Inside the room Michael was strapped to a bed, unconscious. Mr Tonician stood by several computer screens as a nurse, shocked by my intrusion, stood still holding a scalpel in the air.

“Drop everything and back away.” I screamed, aiming both guns at their heads. The tiny framed doctor dropped the scalpel and immediately started silently praying and asking for forgiveness. “Get out.” I motioned for the girl to leave. “Leave before I change my mind!”

Dumbfounded she held her hands in the air and cowered around me nearly tripping to the ground several times. I shut the door behind her, locking it.

“What is he on?”

“A standard tranquilizer, he will only be incoherent for…I’d say another five minutes. My son is very strong, and his metabolism is fast.”

“You can cut the act. I know he’s not your son. What do you want from him?”

“You’re misguided thoughts have turned Michael against me.”

“That’s why it is okay to have him strapped to a bed?”

“I know what is best for my son. Once this is complete he won’t remember you. Oh, and I wouldn’t imagine your bullet being a good idea now that I have  turned on the gas. Of course it is your choice.”

I noticed the cables hooked up to Michael  and another tube going into his veins taking blood. Waiting for Mr. Tonician to turn his back slightly as he went to press the simple button, enter.

Grabbing the blade from my ankle I threw it at the computer causing the screen to glitch. He turned around with a small crossbow attached to his arm and I ducked beneath the counter as he released several arrows. One hit the wall and the other assaulting the base of the counter. Taking a deep breath I grabbed a small metal tube from my pocket. Pulling the tab I threw it over the counter as it released a white smoke.

Jumping over the table I caught him off guard choking on the smoke and I kicked him in the gut causing him to fall against a tray of small metal tools used for surgery. When he got up their were several small knives jutting from his back. Taking a deep breath, his lips snarling he reached behind him and grabbed them out grunting in pain. He began to stand up attempting to ram in to me. I wondered where Jessica was. Some back-up.

Stepping out of his direction I kicked him from behind before he could stop his traction. As he recovered from a bloody nose I grabbed the knife out of the computer screen.  Drop kicking his ankles he fell to the ground and I jumped on top of him holding my knee into his neck cutting off his air. I wanted his death to be long and hard, watch him bleed out of his stomach. An eye for an eye. The same courtesy he showed my mother.

Just as I was holding my hands above his stomach Michael grabbed my wrist causing the knife to drop and brought me up to my feet.

“Michael.” He tried his best to use his parental voice but his quivering lip gave him away. “Son, she doesn’t know. I’ve kept you safe. I’ve just been keeping you safe.”

“Safe from what?” Michael screamed, holding him by the throat. “I don’t know what you did to me but I know that you are not my father. Who are you?”

“I’ve kept you safe. Protected you from everyone, just like I’m trying to do right now.”

Michael looked over at a bag of blood that had been hanging on the rack near his bed, now fallen tot he floor. “You’ve been using my blood.”

“It’s not what you think. It’s not for me. Please listen to me, I’m not here to harm you. I’ve protected you for years.”

“Well at least he’s honest,” I spoke up, “however since you are willing to kill me, and you’ve already killed my mom….what does that mean?

“No-no I didn’t. I-”

Jessica pushed through from the ceiling just in time with throwing stars landing one right in between his eyes. Michael let go of his collar, stepping away, surprised  Mr. Tonician, resting against the wall, stared at Michael as blood dripped around the star. Taking a deep sigh I grabbed Michael’s hand as he slumped to the ground.

“Jessica, you-.” Michael stuttered, his mouth hanging open.  This was the only father he had known, real or not.

“We have to go. My unit is on the way. They know that Mr. Tonician’s town has been disabled.”

Grabbing Michael’s arm I tried pulling his attention away from the man who had held him captive. The sound of helicopters was everywhere. Jessica was behind us as we ran out of the corporation and into the woods. I could hear her firing behind us. We ran for half a mile until it dead-ended above the same river I had saved me, only tis time it was a waterfall hanging off a large cliff.

“We will find each other.” Jessica motioned for us to jump first.

Michael grabbed me by the waist. “Hold on to me. I promise I’m going to get you out of this.”

“No. We’ll get out of this. Together.” I stated, squeezing his arms as I leaned in, indulging on a kiss, maybe the last one I would ever have.” As we let go I took a deep breath and before I could think we jumped.


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