I Am Anonymous, Part 3-11: Her Side of the Story

I Am Anonymous SkylarAfter a few hours of walking through the woods, then following the highway to a motel, butterflies began to flap around in my stomach. I knew that Michael would be okay, even after such a fall that would paralyze, if not kill any other person. I’m not sure why I was nervous, probably because I was always nervous around him. Feeling as if he would despair on me.

Walking into the shabby one bedroom motel with a queen size bed he was nowhere to be seen. Everything was clean. I started for the bathroom.

“Skylar.” Jessica spoke up shutting the door behind her. “He’s not here.”

Stopping in my tracks I felt a wave of panic go through me. “Where is he?” I questioned, balling my fist.

“I haven’t found him.”

“What do you mean you haven’t found him?” I screamed. “How could you lie to me like this?”

“I did find him exactly like I said. I’m just not sure where he is right now. I was going to get him out but he said he wouldn’t leave without you. When it was safe for me to leave I dragged him over to the bushes and I made sure he drank the water. When I couldn’t find you I ran back, I was only gone for an hour and he disappeared.” She took a deep breath.

“I can’t believe you’ve been wasting your time with me. We need to find him.” I began to walk by the door but she grabbed my arm tightly.

“I insisted on helping him but he refused. I promised him I would keep you safe. It’s the least I can do.”

“I don’t think we are really doing any favors by saving me. The more time we wait here….who knows what could happen.”

“He’s physically safe. I’ve watched Dr. Tonician longer than I have let on. Longer than my assignment. My commander is unaware that he is my brother. There are many  people out their with our abilities. They assume he is just one that got away.”

“Got away from where? And can you let go of my arm?” Releasing her grasp I walked over to the bed stroking my arm, trying to calm myself and stop from running out the door. “I’m pretty sure this is going to leave bruise marks.”

She sat down. “I don’t quite understand myself. I have not reached the ranking to gain the privilege of the information. Our parents died when we were really young. We got separated by the foster system and when I was eight years old I was found after someone witnessed me walking through a wall. Those very people I currently work for found me, took me in, and helped me understand myself. They helped me find my control. Though I didn’t remember much about my life before them I started to have flashbacks in my hypnosis sessions and that’s when I realized that I had forgotten about the one part of my family that I had left.”

“So if the people you work for are nice then why don’t you just get there help to find Michael?”

She took a deep breath. “I’m well aware that my department isn’t as they say they are. However I am committed and once you’re committed you never get out alive. Instead I thought it wise to protect him. Several years ago there was a fire at his foster home and the place blew up. There was evidence he had died. I didn’t believe it though. I knew what I was capable of so I continued to search. My commander beat me to it. He found a boy that matched his description when they looking into Techtonic. I’ve been going along with their objectives, keeping our real relationship away from them.”

“What is your objective?”

“Ensuring he is a boy with true abilities. Convincing him to come to our side.”

“Do you even know your side? Or are you just lying to me again?”

“I work for one section of a department that maintains national security for several countries. My job is to infiltrate suspected traitors and find valuable assets. Michael was my second case. He knows everything you know and I need to ensure Dr. Tonician doesn’t get any answers from him.”

“Why does Dr. Tonician want him, why act like his father?”

“Michael said you would have a lot of questions. He said the only way you would trust me is if I was honest.”

“He knows me well.” I crossed my arms.

“If you know him well then you know what my orders are. Dr. Tonician has been studying Michael. Trying to figure out what makes him tick and develop. He’s a researcher and is prone to just observing. Michael’s what they would call a late bloomer. He’s been thrown through a lifestyle that he can’t remember but it was full of obstacles that stunted him from figuring himself out. If Dr. Tonician learns of all his abilities then he will destroy Michael to find the source of his power.”

“What ability does he know about?”

“He knows about every single ability that you have heard of, that Michael has experienced. I have to get to Michael before Dr. Tonician inadvertently finds out what he’s been looking for before he stops treating Michael as his long-lost son. In order to do that I need you to take the car outside and keep driving south.”

“I can’t leave without him.”

“If you stay you will only make things worse. I can’t watch you and save him.”

“Look I know that the past day has been a test of the capabilities of an ordinary girl but I wasn’t prepared for any of that. I know how to fire a sniper and I have a plan.”

“If anything happens to you Michael won’t forgive me.” She stated.

“I know you won’t let anything happen to me and I know that brothers can’t stay mad at their sisters for long.”


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