Over-Prepare If You Believe in Yourself

JugglingRecently I’ve noticed a pattern and the start of the decline to my good behaviors to keep all my balls in the air. We all have many goals in our lives that we want to accomplish. Perhaps some days we fail but we don’t go into those days saying, Geeze, I wish I could fail today. Perhaps some days we wake up already stressed, tired, consumed by the inevitability of beginning that day. In the end we always look back and wish we had done somethings differently.

Lately I’ve been going through a decline on my work ethic at home. I’ve let the tiring days of working within my corporate job take over my mind that by the time I get home it seems too frazzled to carry on my personal goals. I’ve missed my own personal deadlines and after that happened twice in a row I knew I needed to get back on the motivational track. Watching several motivational speeches on YouTube by Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sylvester Stallone, Eric Thomas and several others that breathed back the life into me with words that reminded me that my success in any part of my life was in my hands.

Only this time I needed to come up with a bigger plan to stay on track. Looking back and recounting my steps I realized that I had slacked off in other parts of my life. When I got my promotion I was out with the diet, practically gained all my weight back as stress overtook my emotions. Now my personal hobbies, and I would seriously hate for that laziness to bleed into my career that pays for this roof over my head. Before my laziness could overtake any part of my life I came up with a game plan.

This realization showed me that when I neglect one are of focus for my success I start to neglect other areas of my life. In order to be successful at anything I had to know what my well-rounded goals were and stick to all of them. Attacking at my thoughts to divulge my wants I knew that I needed to get back to eating better, laying off the fast food and start getting more exercise, get back to writing more, creating YouTube videos no matter how ridiculous I feel on camera, get back to editing book 2 at a faster pace, be ready to have other projects for my book ready and therefore continue to stay on top of my game at work.

Once I figured my wants to what I call a successful life it was about prioritizing. Everyone ultimately needs to figure out their goals to have a successful life wether it be a career, going to school, building relationships, raising a family…whatever it be we all must figure out what will make us feel successful in life. Then you have to find what keeps you on track. For me it is writing out to do list. Only this time I needed something stricter. sometimes when I created a to do list it was for things to complete at some point in the day. Eventually the day would surpass and it got to the point that I was fortunate if I completed half of my goals. It is not that I made too many goals, it is that I didn’t prioritize my time and keep my head in the game.

In the end you hurt yourself when you stall time. You are already in pain struggling to find your way in life, why prolong it anymore. Being aggressive to the planning stage I got into my iCal which I knew would synchronize with my iPad that I will be buying in the next week or so once I get some gift cards I won at work (YAY!). For now on I am planning my week out and making adjustments if necessary for those last-minute things that sneak into my space.

As if I am an important CEO I am scheduling my time to exercise, to edit book 2 and continue writing, to write my blogs, to film my videos, to get the projects done to finish the publishing deadlines for book 1 of the Project E.D.E.N. series. I’ve even set alarms on them so my devices will annoyingly remind me of staying on topic. With this scheduling I have alloted time to even spend with other relationships so I don’t become neglectful. Overall I’ve left enough flexibility to not become a machine and used my downtime that I normally have in the evenings to be more productive and less resentful the next day when I feel like I hadn’t accomplished anything.

My plan will work for me because organization takes the clutter out of my mind and frees my time to think about the now instead of the future because something else will remind me when the present comes for it. That works for me because my mind is overactive and needs to be put in place. It may not work for you but that’s what is interesting about the human race. We are complex and so different but the one thing we have in common is the ability to dream and accomplish our dreams no matter what our current status is. All you have to do is believe in yourself and over prepare so when the time comes for you to show the world what you have to offer, you will be ready.

My favorite motivational speeches:

How bad do you want it? By Eric Thomas

Who do you want to be? By Arnold Schwarzenegger

How hard will you hit back? From Rocky Balboa

Our deepest fears….


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