I Am Anonymous, Part 3-10: A Short Family History

I Am Anonymous SkylarA long time ago someone once told me that I could do anything I set my mind to. Jumping off a high bridge into the cold river was something I had to do. As I slammed into the water, plunging deep down, I felt as if the wind had been knocked out of me. For a moment my will ceased to exist as I sank down further. Remembering that Michael was trapped in the car I pushed myself to move.

It was as if I could feel nothing; not the water, not the pain. When I reached the surface I was further from the bridge; the current was taking me away. Hearing metal scraping up against pavement I saw the car falling forwards creating a giant splash, before sinking. Taking a deep breath I swam against the current determined to get to the car. Michael was special. There was no way he was going to die from this, not with me by his side.

When I finally reached the car, it  had already been almost fully swallowed by the water. Now more than ever I wished I had chosen the swim team as an extra curricular activity, regardless of the ugly orange one piece bathing suit. Startled by the sounds of bullets, from the shooters on the bridge, I dove down and began to swim. Looking through the windows I couldn’t see him. He was gone.

Don’t panic. I thought of my brother’s voice. I had to rely that Michael was safe. That somehow he got out of the car and survived the ambush of attackers that seemed to be programmed with the directive to kill Skylar. I wasn’t going to have some weird controlled people killing me. Pushing away from the car I swam, as long as I could under water, before I felt as if I would die from lack of oxygen. By the time that I resurfaced the bridge was a distance away.

Finding a point as good as any,  to get out of the lake, I traveled through  the woods. It probably wasn’t safe to go out in public. I wasn’t sure how far away I had gotten from the quaint suburbia but there was no telling to the depth of control that had taken over what seemed like normal people. Tired  I stopped by the base of a large tree, taking a seat. How would I find Michael? Where would he go?

The suns rays shined through the heavily vegetated forest after hours had passed by. I had fallen against the tree and now was opening my eyes, trying to take in my surroundings. I was startled by….Jessica.

“Jessica, is that you?”

She handed me a bottle of water and helped me up. “Michael is safe, for now. However it won’t be long till someone finds them.”

“I thought you died?”

“The bullet was a through and through. I healed. Nicked my heart slightly but it was a clean wound.” She marched ahead like this was no big deal as I tried to keep up.

“Where’s Michael?”

“In a safe place.”

“A little more detail would be very much appreciated.” I got flustered trying to control my temper.

Jessica tied her wavy auburn hair up and stared straight ahead. “He’s in a safe place. One that I promised I would get you to.”

Feeling slightly comforted by our destination I let it go; taking a long drink of water. “Thanks for finding me.” I thought about how much of a chore I must be. She told Michael not to have friends, that they were liabilities. That had made me so angry, I’ve always been able to hold my own. Yet in just the last 24 hours she had stepped in front of a bullet for me and found me lost in the woods. “How did you find me?”

“I hacked into Dr. Tonician’s database a while ago. Your body is controlled by nanotransmitters. Dr. Tonician has the particales dumped in to the town’s water supply.”

“You’re going to have to slow down.” I sped up to her pace. “Can he control me?”

“No.” She responded. “They are only capable of transmitting your location. Dr. Tonician likes to know where all his visitors travel.”

“How did you find me first, before any of his people?”

“I found Michael on the other side of the bridge in the woods. He teleported but we hadn’t gotten that far in his training. It is one of the most difficult abilities to master, especially in a state of panic.” She became quiet.

“Is he okay?”

“Yes, he’s healed already. Since he was falling with the car into the river he imagined himself in the woods, hidden. Only his panic caused him to arrive at that destination a story or so above the ground level. He fell through a few branches, I found him unconscious and took care of him. Just as I am taking care of you. That water you are drinking was mixed with an anti-transmitter that attacks the neurotransmitters clinging to your stomach lining, causing them to become inactive. In the mean time I was scrambling the ip address so they couldn’t locate you. I would’ve got here sooner but Dr. Tonician is very smart.”

“And apparently still alive.”

“In many ways yes.”

“Okay this crypticness is really testing me. I’m hungry and tired and my whole body aches. Please for the sake of saving me from a headache just say what you mean.”

“Dr. Tonician has been alive for many generations. I’m not sure how old he is but he’s been on my divisions hit list for the past hundred years. The real Michael, his real son, was born in the early 1970’s. His wife and kid died in an accident 12 years later. Only it wasn’t a normal car accident. My division thought that Dr. Tonician was in the car. After that incident he disappeared for a while and popped up several years ago, becoming the active CEO in the Techtonic enterprise claiming to be the grandson to the original founder.”

“Which was actually him however many years ago,” I stated getting the direction of the conversation.



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