The Creation of Project E.D.E.N. Butterfly

ButterflyBlackBackgroundFirst off why science fiction as a genre for the upcoming Project E.D.E.N series? I love the way things intertwine between reality and our dreams whether they’re the kind we sleep on or the ones within our waking thoughts. I love the idea that anything is possible and that it could be happening beneath our nose.

The butterfly was a depiction of the feel I wanted my series to have. I didn’t want it to be necessarily fantasy, though I’m sure it will be labeled that anyway. A true fantasy book is about possibilities; beauty, romance, art, and stuff that never happens and we know is completely impossible because we live in a world called reality. If anyone out there is offended and believes this all to be true then I apologize but I believe in what we know to be real.

I’m an analytical person as well as creative. The two for me drive my mind insane but out of it comes endless, perhaps possible, out of the box possibilities that can be associated with current technology and science. I’m more of a science fan than a believer. When I considered writing a book I wanted it to be powerful and full of unique abilities with characters that make the abilities seem like the second important thing in the book, right after the character as a person.

Another quality is that I’m a realist. I know the importance of understanding how things are and must be, based on circumstance. I call my work science fiction though I deem fantasy and several other genres, like romance and suspense to be others. When I dreamed up these magnificent abilities to walk upon dreams, hear from far away, see the future, manipulate objects, and hide appearances I realized that I needed to understand why. How are these abilities possible and why would one create them for mass controlled populations. Therefore I had to understand the science with the possibility that anything is possible within that science considering the largely unknown variables that still exist.

The problem was that it was so sciency (yes I made up a word, it works) that I needed something to lighten it up. Something beautiful and eye-catching, and with that a unique world that captured the same richness. That’s when I dove into fantasy and it clicked. A butterfly. Beautiful, majestic, almost unnatural to be so uniquely beautiful. It’s like an oxymoron to say, a beautiful insect. Taking on this eye catcher I thought, what is its purpose? Hmmm…..

Not to long later I knew that big brother had to have his eyes on everything.


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