The Worst Case Scenario

planningThere will always be one reliable trait about me. That, is the fact that I’m a planner. There are many things in life that need to be accomplished and in my opinion you need to over prepare so that you are ready when they do happen because a wasted opportunity haunts you for life, or for a while. Normally that entails thinking of the worst case scenario.

When planning things in your life you are prepared for the best case scenario. For most, in the beginning life has taught you to prepare for success. Afterall, if you don’t prepare for success how do you obtain it. It is innate to prepare for the best case scenario because we usually start something in the hopes that it will be what we dreamed. When you are a good planner, a truly good one, the best case scenario is the reason you are planning however a great planner thinks about the worst case scenario. They think about the odds and ends, if one bad thing happens then what is plan B or C or D or even up to Z if there is any reason you see fit to plan that far.

I’m at an odd turn of events. I’m great at planning and implementing. It is definitely my thing and I know exactly what wrenches to be prepared for, it is rare when I am caught off guard for I am a pessimist at heart and I’m thinking about in which way will I get screwed today. Thinking like that helps me have a better day because when the hard stuff is too hard to handle for most I’m ready to take it on because I expected it. When nothing bad happens or I conquer the issues at hand my day is good.

Oddly enough I have a big dream where the best case scenario is something I haven’t planned for. Being a writer for a living is only good for about 1% of the people who make a career out of it. Another 10% succeed at making money but not enough to actually quit their day job or live a lavish lifestyle. When I started writing it was just a hobby but as my fingers kept pounding at the keyboard and my brain when on overdrive it turned into a book and now a book series. Many people write and many people get rejected. Therefore instead of preparing for the worst you already know you are living the worst case scenario. You didn’t quit your day job, you just wrote on the side and you know the odds of being published, especially for a first book, are slim to none. Therefore you already have committed to spending several thousands of dollars to market and print and you have already put in countless man hours to this passion and you know that you will be lucky to make the money back that you put into it. Overall you know what your chances are and that most likely in the public eye you would fail. Of course most writers, like me, don’t look at writing as any type of fail. Either way your work exist and now it is out of your head and on the paper. That was an accomplishment to get that far; most can’t write a chapter.

The odd thing, I realized recently when talking to my creative consultant, was that I was so ready for the worst case scenario that I forgot to think about the best version. The best version was innate in my school work, work and my personal life. I didn’t plan to fail because I had a high likely hood of succeeding based on my own time and effort. Being successful in the book world means you find a way to get it out there and people pick it up and actually read it. So my consultant said start thinking like your book is going to be the next Harry Potter series because its potential is 100% there, we just have to get it in front of customers eyes.

The best case scenario for this is just too big to comprehend. I can’t imagine working my butt off making peanuts then one day making millions because of one or more books that I wrote out of my own pure enjoyment to write it. What an amazing thought that I could be one in a billion to hit the book lottery. Now I have to think about the potential lifestyle that this book may bring. It could lead to a complete altering on how I thought my life could go and I have to make sure the people I have held on close can deal with the person I could be one day, that they will still want to fit in my lifestyle when time is divided.

For once the worst case scenario is the obvious without planning and the best case scenario is the wrench that will be thrown at me. It’s an exciting feeling and the journey is the best part.

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