Passion is Contagious

successful-crowdfunding-principle-2There are a lot of things unwanted in the world that spread like wildfire. Easily, negative feelings and thoughts attach to us because it feels easier to judge and think just of oneself instead of a view beyond your box. Greed, gluttony  hatred, sadness  and so many more emotions taint us from within, wrecking our relationships and causing weaknesses within us that subconsciously we ignore. Fear of change paralyzes us to the point that we fall within ourselves by creating routines and schedules. Safety becomes a lifestyle that turns us into a bit of a zombie. We began to depreciate the value of things around us, especially when that value is priceless.

We get so busy in the bustle of everyday life and responsibilities that we tend to retreat into a slight depression, perhaps not noticeable to the outsiders. We began to question why we do things and for most the answer is to make a living, to pay the bills, and get nice things. Therefore we accept the bland and boring then fear the change for it may mean a difference in those normal-ties we created to take up our free time where we zone-out.

There is only one successful treatment to not being a zombie within our work that bleeds into our stay at home. It isn’t an easy path, in fact it can be the most challenging path at times, especially when a hard day puts us in our place. Passion is the ultimate medicine to keep one going, making them feel alive and accomplished and therefore driving their wants to a level they didn’t know existed before.

We spend so much time staring into the distance and wondering about the what could be’s or what if’s that we don’t live in the moment and find the good to care about. Our hands may be tied to responsibilities but our minds aren’t. The way we think is the one way we can control our situation. Find a way to care about what you do. If your job is a stay at home mom who hardly gets any socialization in the adult world and finds fun time to be the few minutes in the bathroom then find the passion in how you want your kids to be in the future and how you want them to experience each moment in life. Give your heart away to your work and put pride into it. If you are the hourly associate who took the job to get by but keep wondering what is better than relishing in the moment then take the skill set being provided to you and excel. One day those skills will be proven necessary to your biggest accomplishments in life. Think of it as the stepping stone for who you will become and take pride in being the best that you can be, people will see it. If you’re the salary cubicle type who wakes up everyday wondering how you got in this career then remember that work is what supports your love, your wants whether that be family, friends, a hobby or whatever you desire. It doesn’t matter who you are, what your job is, there is always a way to find the good in what you do.

Passion comes from within. From the feelings you create and fester within you as you decide how to feel and think about something. Passion breaks loose when you show pride in what you are good at wether it be as simple as a contagious smile to winning a nobel prize. The feeling of knowing that you give your all to something shows through your body langues. Your eyes shine, you break out with a genuine smile, your heart beats fast, and you find yourself floating on a cloud while everyone pats you on the back.

Certain things are contagious and that is positive energy. Passion is just the strongest within. Find what you love, what you are good at, or what you accept to be your fate and take what little to big joys you have and think about how you can strive to maintain them and increase their potential. Passion cultivates within your soul and penetrates into your dreams and aspirations. Being passionate about something small can stem into a lifestyle, a career, or a plan that you never noticed before because you were to blind, following the easy path, getting by, and zoning out.

Checking out leads to a life of little resolved and many regrets. Be passionate about what you love and share it with others. Because of your passion they will be inspired themselves to find theirs.


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