Project E.D.E.N. Series: Emma Off the Record

EmmaEyeWhen my eyes close all I can see is terror striking every corner of my thoughts, until I hear his voice. Since he was just an infant, when I cradled him near my bosom as I fled with Julius from Initium, I have been in awe. Growing up everything was just black and white, only one way to do things and no deviation to the rules.

Touching his mother’s hand was the best thing that ever happened to my life. It is the reason that we are all still alive. Not just from the doomed failure of the woes from a tyrant. We were all destined to fail in the system of Initium created by Sector E through a little project called E.D.E.N. Of course this is no common news to any civilian that steps foot on any soil across the world.

My future appeared nonexistent the day Daniel grabbed my arm for walking on the grass instead of the sidewalk. As a Palm my mind sees a multitude of things from what a person will eat for their next meal to what they will do years from now. Daniels path led me somewhere I had never seen before. The fire that consumed him exhaled across countries devouring every living creature until it was all black with smoke.

This vision was not mine to have, there were reasons why citizens of Initium were to never touch the General and their company. Their futures were sacred and not ordinary like ours. His touch caused a shift in the course of history. I stare out into this beautiful country that men of common understandings created together. People are free to make any choice that they desire. Dreams are not just things that we have as we lie down. In America, and I can imagine anywhere outside Initiums reign, dreams are a journey that anyone can reach. If it wasn’t for that brief moment of touch from that tainted boy I wouldn’t be here to breath in this air at my own free will.

Cedric doesn’t understand the fate that falls in his hands. He can’t do it alone. Together we will all find a way to stop everything and one day we will live in peace and there will be no more lies tainted upon the bloodshed buried beneath Initium’s ground. One day we will enjoy the creation of Initium and not the devastation of being controlled.



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