I Am Anonymous, Part 3-8: Security Detail

I Am Anonymous SkylarGetting out of the mansion was easy, however escaping was a different beast. Mr. Tonician must have alerted his security. Only his security wasn’t in uniform. Every face was familiar  There were at least ten of them. Neighbors, teachers, the principal, the mail man, and then there was Joey and Sophia. Michael reached for the gun tucked into his pants, then paused and rested his hand on it. Not one person standing in front of us lifted their weapon. They were statues, waiting to be activated .

“Michael, I think their shut down.” I took a step forward and he held out his hand to stop me. “I think their waiting for orders.”

He took a step forward with the gun raised. I followed behind him, observing their fingers and arms, waiting for something to move. They stood perfectly still. Michael reached out to one of the AP english teachers, Mr. Shwartz. Slowly he raised his hand to the hypnotized man’s temple and rested his fingers. “I think you’re right.”

“Then I think now would be a good time to run before whoever controls them, wakes them up.”

Weaving through the maze of bodies we were a few feet away from the car when a shot was fired in the air. Standing still I cocked my head to see every single person standing alert, gun in hand, aimed and ready. Stepping back, a few took a step forward. Claustrophobia was clicking in and the comfort of Michael, with one gun against 10, was nowhere to be found. Something was strange, as it had been since we moved in. Not one gun was pointed at Michael. He was standing in front of me. The lasers aimed at my shoulder. Not one had the kill shot.

Taking a deep breath and a gulp of stale air I moved swiftly, surprising Michael by grabbing the gun and holding it to his head.

“Skylar.” He protested.

“Everyone of you put the guns on the floor now!” I screamed. For the most part they just quickly glanced at each other as if there was a moment of doubt within them, still they didn’t budge from their target. Me. “Are all of you so naïve to not realize that he has been my target the whole time. Girl moves in to the quaint rich  oasis of a town that normally only sends out invites. My orders are to bring him alive, if possible. However I was told if the situation arises my orders are to take him out.”

Joey nodded his head and everyone put their guns down. This was going much smoother than I had thought. Slowly I stepped backwards holding Michael close to me as I held the gun to his temple. Quickly we got in the car and I swerved our of the driveway.

“What the hell were you thinking, Skylar. I seriously thought for a second you were going to blow my head off.”

“Good.” I stepped on the gas. “That was what I was going for. I don’t know what we got ourselves into Michael, but someone wants to keep you in this bubble. Is there something you are not telling me?”

“I guess I haven’t told you about the fact that your driving scares the crap out of me.”

“Get real.” I rolled my eyes. “My mother just died on the couch by your fake father and we are running away from a town I assume is filled with zombies or robots of some sort. You’ve been living in a suburban cage Michael. Somehow I crashed the show and now your my ransom for my life.”

“Sklyar I’m so sorry.” He reached for my shoulder and I yanked the wheel to take a left turn.

“You can sympathize later.” I held back my tears. “Right now we need to focused on the balance of staying alive and free. If we survive,” I took a deep breath, “then we can act human.”

He nodded, biting his inner cheek and stared out the window.

“I get that your shutting off right now.” He spoke. “I just want you to know that I’m sorry I got you into this. I didn’t realize who I am, I’m still not sure who I am. I just lost a sister that I didn’t realize I had till recently and she never told me what was going on. She was on a mission.”

“What do you mean a mission? Was she lying to you?”

“No. She was the bait to bring me in. She couldn’t tell me why or who she was working for because the whole time she was being bugged.”

“I thought she carried a scrambler with her that could shut down any surveillance that Mr. Tonician or whatever other computer creeps in this city had so no one could listen in. I thought the park was a safe place from eyes?”

“That’s correct, all of it is. It wasn’t this cities eyes and ears, it was her eyes and ears. She was being bugged at all times. Her mission was to get close to me. She was supposed to challenge me, to see my strengths and weaknesses. Training me was part of the plan. The rest of it was to sway me toward her organization.”

“When did you find out about this?”

“She gave me the message in a letter several weeks ago when she started training with me. I just couldn’t risk telling you. You never know whose listening.” He shrugged his shoulders. “Once her commander gave orders to encourage me to leave with her, that’s when she was going to escape with me from all of this. It doesn’t matter anymore.”

“What was I?”

“Unexpected for her, clearly everyone. I didn’t want you to get entangled in this mess. It’s bigger than I can even understand. I just couldn’t imagine being without you.”

Those simple words were easy enough to understand. Staring ahead. all of a sudden everything shook and the bridge blew up right before us. I swerved to a stop without much time. The car slid halfway to a halt over the remains of the bridge and tilted face forward toward the deep blue river below.


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