I Came Up With A Million Excuses

One Person

I can’t do this anymore. It won’t amount to anything. I’m just one person. It won’t get anywhere. It’s out of my control. I’m tired. I’m busy. I’ve got other things to finish. I’m not good enough. My opinion doesn’t matter. No one will care. I’m just one person, what makes me so special….

We spend a lot of time in our life sitting here debating on what we can or can’t do. We take dreams and goals by the horns on some days only to be discouraged on others; causing us to throw them to the side, boxed in by our millions of excuses. How can we possibly amount to anything when we feel like nothing or feel as if we are just a glimpse of life. The thoughts that someone else can do it because they were meant to and we can’t is a ridiculous concept. However it is easy and natural to think because the reality is that most people don’t accomplish what they want and most people give up on goals just after starting.

If life was easy then everyone would be rich and soaking in a bask of their own rewards and then we would all be resentful of the good fortune we have and wonder why we still don’t have more. In order to have what we want we must work for it in one way or another. Imagine all those excuses that hold us back from accomplishing our goals. They seem like really realistic reasons to quit or slow down or perhaps just not expect much from ourselves. We deem that we are incapable for we are just one person.

The thoughts that escape us are the realization that one person can do it and have it all. It only takes one person to have a great idea that they talk about, create, and share with the world. That one person can come up with words that make a persons earth move to engineering the next life saving technology. One person can think for a million once they get past their excuses.

Not too long ago I told myself that my reality would never change, that fate didn’t lead to a path worthy of dreaming. Not long ago did I tell myself that I wasn’t special enough to accomplish more than what I was told I could do. Some days I still tell myself that things are impossible, I don’t have enough time, I don’t have enough of anything I feel I need. Excuses come to us so easy. It would be so much easier on a hard day if we just rolled over in our bed and turn off the alarm then sleep the day away. Nothing eventful would happen but we would still exist.

If we can wake up every day we can accomplish more than we realize. Dare to dream and be yourself. Find a way in this world to make it yours then own it and share it. Help others find the dreams within them and remind those that if they take away their excuses and ignore the negative thoughts in their head they will have more time to pursue the greatness within.


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