I Am Anonymous, Part 3-7: Heroine or Foe

I Am Anonymous SkylarFrantically I grabbed at the door handles; realizing I couldn’t get in without putting my keys in the lock. As I fumbled with them, Michael kicked the double oak doors down with one blow and they flew a yard down the hall before tumbling to the ground. Not bothering to be surprised I only had one concern and that was my mother. Though I had so badly wanted to just run away and leave with Michael, I did love her. Being around her was just too hard. But I couldn’t be without her forever.

Last place I had seen her was the kitchen but by now she would have retired to the living room for another glass of wine. Usually she passed out on the couch and I would, most nights when I couldn’t sleep, help her to her bed. From the doorway I saw her hand hanging off the couch with a cigarette in between them. My biggest fear was being burned in a fire, that’s what kept me waking up at night.

“Mom.” I spoke up running to her side.

Her eyes were wide open. “Sky-” She gasped and I saw the blood oozing through her gold silk gown toward the left-side of her chest.

“Who did this to you?” I heard the clicking of a gun and my mothers eyes grew wider.

“Father.” Michael spoke up.

Mr. Tonician walked out of the shadow. His gun aimed straight at me.

“Michael you must go home and get away from this girl.” He spoke up.

“What home?” Michael stated  taking a step toward him. “I know the truth now. You’ve been harboring me. You separated my sister and I. Why would you do that? Create a life with me? Why not get what you want over with?”

Mr. Tonician kept the gun aimed at me. “Michael don’t let these foolish girls taint your mind. You have always been my son. You are Michael Tonician. Your mother and I loved you very much. This girl and the one that calls herself your sister are liars. They were sent here to infiltrate you and come after my secrets. I’m sorry son but they’ve been using you as a device to get to me.”

“What on earth are you talking about!” I screamed.

“Skylar.” Michael peered at me as if he wanted me to shut up. That would be pretty difficult, especially when I was holding my mothers cold hand.

“Father. I believe you. Skylar has nothing to do with this. She can’t help who her parents are.”

Mr. Tonician wavered, caught off guard. “Everything I did was for you Michael. I was selfish at first Michael but I’ve loved you. You’re safer with me.”

“I know father. Let’s go home. Just the two of us.” He walked closer, stopping when Mr Tonician took a step back.

“Not until we cover our loose ends. She could lead them to us if we leave her.”

“Father don’t-”

Staring at my moms light brown eyes that starred past me I tore  away as I heard the trigger being pulled and the sound of a gun firing. Cringing at the thought of the impact I held my mother’s hand tighter praying that it would be quick so I didn’t have to feel the pain or think of never seeing Michael again.

I felt the wind being knocked out of me as my hand slipped from my mothers as I fell against the floor. Quickly gaining my composure from the impact I looked up seeing that Michael had tackled his father who was now unconscious, and Jessica lie a few inches from me clutching her stomach.

“Skylar.” Michael scrambled up toward me, until he saw his sister. His eyes, confused, kept looking between us; unsure where to move. I just stared at him helplessly until I saw his eyes widen even more as he stared at Jessica and ran to her side. Getting over my confusion stalled me but I crawled over to them. Michael held her head in the palm of his hands. I had never seen him cry before. He wasn’t sobbing nor were there any movement upon his blank face that would give you a sign of grief. It was just tears that slowly slipped from his lids.

Blood dripped at the side of her lips and her eyes stared at him as if she was trying to say something, but couldn’t. Michael slid up the bottom of her black tank that she clutched at. The bullet meant for me was lodged in her abdomen  She was loosing a lot of blood. She had saved my life, the girl that she thought was an idiot for getting involved in a situation like this. Swallowing hard I couldn’t bear the fact that Michael’s only family was dying in his arms.

“She’s going to heal right?” I choked out trying to hold back my tears so I could be strong for him.

He gulped. “I don’t know. We heal but she said that we have limits. We never got that far in my training.” He held her tighter. “Jessica please don’t leave. Tell me what to do.”

“Run.” She choked out, as if that was the only thing that she had been trying to get out. She wasn’t satisfied at the fact there was no response from us. “My ankle.” She choked out, coughing up blood.

I pulled up her jeans seeing a bracelet around her ankle. “Michael what’s this?”

“They’ve been tracking me.” She gasped. “They’re coming for you Michael. Please…run.”

“Whose coming Jessica!” He whispered. Her eyes closed, and I couldn’t hear her breathing. “Jessica!” He screamed. “Don’t leave me please.”

Putting my fingers against her neck I searched for a pulse. “Michael. She’s gone. We have to go, I’m sorry.” I whispered the last sentence, confused on what role I had in this and as to what reasons Jessica would betray her brother yet jump in front of a bullet for me. The only thing I wasn’t confused about, as I helped Michael stumble to get up, was that it wasn’t safe in this small town any longer. Everyone was not as they appeared and I wasn’t sure what was real in my life anymore.


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