I’m Not Waiting by the Telephone

PayphoneWaiting is the perfect way to let everyone else know they are in control of your life. It is the most tedious ordeal in the world to just sit there and wait for something to happen. Your mind wanders and doubt beckons at the door. After awhile you believe in that doubt. It consumes your being and eventually waiting becomes a lifestyle. We have all been victim to the waiting game by our own undoing or by the hopes that another provides. Instead of reaching for stars we become convinced that waiting is best.

Best for who? I’ve learned lots of things from waiting by that phone or any contraption that beckons my name. I’ve learned that my time was not spent wisely. While I was waiting my mind was on hold and in the end my goals were unmet. You can’t just assume that the busyness in this world is going to slow down for you. It demands that you keep up with it. Pick up that phone and tell anyone on the other end that they can take their time but you have plans in motion. Instead of waiting get your life together. Figure out what else can be done, what other roads can be taken and tying up loose ends on your side. Those who want it will catch up and work on your calendar because trustfully they were waiting too. They were waiting for you to give up and say it is too much and too big. They were scared that they couldn’t give you the justice they so eloquently spoke of. Their projects got in the way along with their own life that doesn’t revolve around you.

For a while you were self-involved waiting by the phone they were doing the same with their projects. Making something of yourself in this big wide world is up to one force and that is you. The longer you wait the more resentful you will be to the task at hand. Pick up that phone and reach out to those on the other end. If they have you going straight to voicemail then there is no more time wasted because you now know you have to drop the line and find another number. Fate has a funny way of working out in the end for those who are passionate and persistent.

Why wait on your dreams when you pick up the phone and listen to the dial tone as you find your self inline with your goals. Life waits for no one. Everyone wants help but few have the time out of their own life to give. It isn’t fair for me or anyone to demand their time or request that they go according to your timeline. You either alow the wait as you travel through other necessary ventures and clean up your path or you find someone who can cater to your dime. Though inflation might ask for something with more weight. Fight the insecurity of your self-conscious and make a call to your future.


2 thoughts on “I’m Not Waiting by the Telephone

  1. Great, encouraging story as always Brit! You are so talented and wise beyond your years. I search for the self assurance and persistence that is so natural for you! Keep actively living your dreams, as we all wait and read.

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