I Am Anonymous, Part 3-6: Knocked Out

I Am Anonymous Skylar

Her eyes were a demonic black, just like Sophia’s when she had attacked me in the locker room. Head cocked to the side as if she was prejudging how easy of a target I was. Part of me wondered if I stood still enough, maybe she would leave. That was wishful thinking as she took a step toward me with a wicked smile on her lips.

Thinking of the options there weren’t many. I could run but then I would be leaving Michael and something told me that outrunning her wasn’t an option.

“Jessica. I know you’re in there.” I took a step backwards towards a large tree that I noticed was near several rocks that led to a small drop. Maybe that would give me enough distance to figure it out. “I don’t want to hurt you Jessica. Even though I think you are hiding more from Michael than you let on. Either way I’m not a killer but I will protect myself and him.”

She stalked toward me as if she was registering what i had to say till she lunged. My ankle got caught by the undertow of the branch causing me to fall backwards against the ground. She knocked the wind out of me as she fell upon my chest. Her arm was raised up ready to hit and I decided it was safer to play dead after the blow, unless I actually would be. Ready for the impact, my face frozen, eyes shut. Until I heard the splintering of wood cracking, and the weight being shifted off my body.

Opening my eyes I was staring at Michael. “Are you okay?”

Taking a deep breath I sat up feeling the throbbing in my muscles from the fall. Jessica lie next to me passed out. Michael gave me a hand, helping me up while using the stick for support that must have knocked her out. “I’m fine. Is she going to be okay.”

Lending me a hand he helped me to my feet, pulling me into his chest, nearly taking the wind out of me for a second time. “Yea. Jessica says she, I mean we, heal fast. I don’t understand why she acted like that.”

“What happened?”

“I was waiting for her at the park. She was late. When she showed she didn’t say anything. She just walked up to me and punched me out. She’s stronger than me. Has had years of training and understanding. I tried to hide and get out. Wait. How did you get out of that room? I locked it to make sure you wouldn’t get into any trouble.”

“Excuse me. Didn’t I just save your butt?”

“If you mean by a distraction. Yes, you were a great distraction.”

“After you left I flipped through the channels and decided to catch your father during his downtime and that is when I saw Jessica. He sprayed something in her eyes Michael. I couldn’t hear what he told her but when she left to meet you she looked scary determined and her eyes were the same dark black like Sophia, when she attacked me. Then I found out that secret room had more secrets than I realized, like a trap door. If I find any cool weapons anywhere then I’m betting this used to be Batman’s mansion.”

He shook his head, rolling his eyes. “I assume you drove here.” Grabbing Jessica he threw her over his shoulders. “If this is like Sophia then she should wake up back to the normal Jessica.”

Watching him effortlessly carrying her body made me wonder how much he could lift before he broke a sweat. Looking at Jessica’s auburn curly hair bounce with his steps I noticed a flesh tone sticker that stuck out slightly. Reaching forward I peeled it off seeing little copper pieces and wire.


He clenched his jaw grabbing it from me then tightened his fist. When he opened his hand it was crumpled and indistinguishable. Leaving it on the ground we continued to the Shelby.

“Do you think it was a tracking device?”

“I think it was more than a tracking device. I think it had the potential of transmitting sounds. I’ve seen blueprints of them in the Techtonic corporation.”

I grabbed his hand before I started the engine. “What are we going to do?”

Leaning in, he reached for my chin giving me a gentle kiss that made my heart skip and my mind forget where we were until he pulled away.

“My father would say if it isn’t worth fighting for than why are we living. Right now we are going to fight, offensively. First I need to get some things from home. Then we are going to find a safe place until we can come up with a plan.”

When we arrived to his home I wanted us to just turn around. This bad feeling was echoing through my bones. Michael needed his computer and the records he had stashed away as well as some cash. My bag had everything i needed. Since I met Jessica I knew any moment she would ask Michael to leave with her and I wanted to be ready. There was no way that I would be left with my ghost of a family anymore and there was no way that I would be lost without him now that he was found.


“Um-no.” I shook my head. This was how every horror movie mistake was made. People split up. Either Jessica would wake up in zombie mode or some henchmen would have a gun at my window with black eyes. Scrambling out of the car, before he could say a word, he just shook his head.

It was weird sneaking into his house, as if it was no longer his. We froze as we heard a gun fire off. It came from my house.


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