Superman – My Hero

superman-man-of-steelAre you a superman fan? I know I am, my whole moral compass revolves around him at times. Lately I’ve been getting into mini debates about superheroes, with their being so many superhero movies out there. It is amazing how many people I have met that dislike Superman. I’m full of a lot of pride when I love something and with a stubborn ego as well I get offended when my hero is picked on. Many people who dislike this hero claim it is because the creator of Superman just threw a bunch of random powers into the guy just cause he could; that Superman was just given so much. I’m like sooooooooo? This was built for entertainment and it did just that.

Beyond original intentions it is never just about what something was but what something has grown to be. Do we want to be considered for only our past? Or do we want to be criticized for who we are now and what we have done…well maybe not criticized but I would rather be judged on who I am and not who I was.

There are so many dark sides that taint us and Superman proves that you don’t have to let your abilities, and the power they give, control who you are in a humanistic way. Many people who could contain this ability would either resort to villainous treachery or they would be selfish with their abilities and use it just for their own progress and amusement. Few would do good things, and if any did, it wouldn’t embody their being, not a 24/7 gig. Most of us would be too human and decide that we deserve our own life. Superman wants his own life, he attempts to but at the end of the day he is there for those in distress.

Superman’s morals make him more human than most. He has so many opportunities to kill the bad guy. Yet he doesn’t take it. It would be so easy for him to freeze them to death, burn them with his laser beams or knock them out….there are countless more ways. Not to mention when a bad guy is about to die due to circumstances of gravity or a backfire in their plans Superman has the audacity to save them. He has one purpose in life that was sent with him as a message from Krypton and that is hope. He doesn’t give up on a person no matter what they have done for he recognizes that he is a symbol and not judge and jury. He may get upset or mad but in the end he chooses to do the right thing for though he has great power he recognizes that he is not above humans, he is not a god, he is just another man who happens to come from a place he never knew. Unlike the majority of heroes we read and watch he is one that is true to himself. Clark Kent is the alter ego, not the real man. The real man is Superman. He just pretends to be someone else to fit in but in the end he has to be himself for the sake of mankind.

Many heroes have character flaws that show them in a more humanistic light like they are mad at the world for the destruction of their family or empire or they are sarcastically brilliant  Only few characters have the one flaw that is Superman’s, the ability to care for humans no matter who or what they have done. Most heroes become heroes due to revenge and accidental encounters with substances or species. Most are power-hungry though they choose to also save the world. Most have just as much fun saving people and finding damsels and most use their revenge to conquer their enemies a bit more heinous than others. Superman is my beacon of light. I can rely that unless the circumstances don’t permit he will do everything in his power to protect everyone and not be the man who judges anyone. Superman isn’t my hero because of his cool powers, he is my hero because he stands for hope that anyone can change and that everyone deserves a chance. You never know who can surprise you and one day their future self may overcome their past.

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