I Am Anonymous, Part 3-5: Midnight Rendezvous

I Am Anonymous SkylarFeeling trapped within this box of a room I wasn’t sure what to do. Michael had locked me in here by melting the door lock and I’d been trapped in here for a while. Then I saw Michael’s supposed father spraying Jessica in the eyes with something that changed her. I’d been trying to get out of here or contact Michael in every form possible. When I called it went to voicemail. He had probably turned the phone off to make sure he wasn’t being monitored. Next I raided the entire room.

It was a mess. The cushions were tossed against the opposite wall. All the food was taken out of the shelves of the tiny kitchen and were sprawled out on the counter and floors. There was nothing I could use to get out. Sitting on the box spring of the couch I laid back frustrated, trying to come up with a plan. Michael was supposed to meet with Jessica and something told me that Jessica now had alternate plans. Watching her on the TV after she’d been sprayed I saw how her eyes stared straight ahead, almost as if they were looking out at nothing as she turned from Mr. Tonician and walked right through the office wall made of practically all windows not harming anything and fell a story down, landing gracefully on her feet.

Flipping nervously through the channels I watched for her. There was practically every view of this small community laid out in front of me. Michael knew that though. His theory of this place was that if one guy had access to these cameras then more people did. He was probably right. Michael studied the positions of my cameras, he wouldn’t be in view. Giving up the search I knew I had to continue to find a way out. The room was a mess and I was out of option staring at the floor. That’s when I noticed a minute detail; I could understand why i had never noticed it before. Getting on my knees I pressed my fingers into the carpet feeling a seem.

Something had to open this. Grabbing the clicker I pressed every button imaginable. Then I started thinking of codes, pressing in various patterns until I remembered that one of the self-help books on the coffee table had several numbers written next to one of the page numbers: I had found it flipping through the pages nights ago. Typing in the chaotic mess of numbers and letters the floor boards creaked and groaned until the door swung open. Looking into it was a bit on the creepy side. It was dark and appeared to be a metal slide. I had no idea where this would go.

That didn’t stop me. Michael was walking into the wrong conversation. Grabbing my backpack I secured it on, took a deep breath, stalled for a minute….then sucked it up and went down feet forward. My heart skipped as I was plunging downwards. Holding in my breath I was scared of letting out a sound and even more scared that my landing wouldn’t be comfortable. The room was three stories above. Slowing down it got curvy  a few times I could feel a spider web which normally would cause me to swipe at it but the area was so confined that I couldn’t move my hands. When I finally landed it caught me off guard and I sort of rolled uncomfortably on the pavement.

Not finding the ceiling tall enough to stand up I did my best to catch my breath and crawled out to the beams that stretched ahead, above ceiling panels. Holding my balance I sat on a beam and brought my knees up then kicked in the panel as I held on. My eyes narrowing in I felt nervous as the tile landed right next to the Ferrari. Letting go of my breath, I was just happy it didn’t trigger an alarm. Levering myself down I swung my legs and let go, avoiding the mess I had made.

Mothers hubby was a car collector. Walking over to a small room in the back I picked the lock and then grabbed a set of keys. Pressing the key chain a cheery red 67 Shelby GT 500 flashed its lights and I felt my smile widen. The Hummer would be safer, sturdier. However, it would be known. Jumping in the car I pulled out and headed to the park. At this time of night, in a community full of fat pockets, there was no one at the park. A light fog had rested in making this much like a horror story in my mind then it probably should be. Fear was a choice and I wasn’t going to let it control me, I would only use it to channel my instincts.

Trying to be quiet I could hear something, like a rustling. I was hoping that I wasn’t too late. Or that somehow I was imagining everything. Maybe Michael and Jessica were coming up with a plan for these brain washed cooks living around us. There was nothing, except for a lot of woods.

“Michael!” I screamed. Taking a step in the darkness I figured I was all in any way. A wrestling nearby caused me to stop. How many times could I lose my breath today? “Michael” Feeling my body fall to the ground I couldn’t manage to utter a sound as I felt the wind knocked out of me.

“Skylar.” Michael whispered helping me up. “She’s not Jessica right now.”

Nodding my head I kept quiet. Following him through the woods we hid behind trees. Hearing a wrestling to our right he seemed to see more than I could see. Pushing me again out-of-the-way he ran forward and then ducked behind a tree and I could finally see her slamming her fist into that very tree as it cracked upward splitting to the sides. Michael stood inches away, his eyes as wide as mine, as her fist slammed toward his chest as he turned around, knocking him back into several trees that fell away as he landed against them and landed on the ground.

“Michael” I screamed without thinking as I stood up. Turning around, I realized there was no way I could get out of this battle. Her attention was on me and Michael wasn’t getting up.


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