A New Chapter

japan__we_begin_a_new_chapter_by_pink_promise-d3bres7Yesterday was quite a day and it didn’t happen over night. Yesterday was the beginning of a new chapter due to research and rewrites and moments of what if’s. By luck a friend of mine at work got a contact from someone who had published their book with a local publisher in GA. Naturally I checked them out months later on the hunt to look for a way of publishing my book. Lucky is the word I would describe around 7 months ago when I heard about it.

That October I took a serious step and had a meeting to hear about their services. The woes of a first timer in the publishing business is falling into the wrong hands. After my first meeting it felt good to hear what they had to say and I got my estimate, which wasn’t bad but I realized I needed to take a step back, re-read the book a few more times and get my finances squared away for this investment. For months I stalled between a new job promotion and move as well as jitters that said I wasn’t ready to put my work in someones hands. I wasn’t ready to be done with it.

Six months passed since that meeting. I had my friend and cover artist, Marta Felix, looked over the book and I re-read it twice myself. Most nights I went to bed thinking is there anything I can do better. Weeks were going by and the only contribution I was making was due to nit-picky punctuation. There were several times I wondered if I had just changed my wording or punctuation to the way I originally had it. That is when I decided it was ready.

A week ago my book was sent to the editor at BookLogix so she could read it over once and give a free first chapter edit. Reading over the critiques it felt good to know my book was in the right hands getting that pesky punctuation and stupid grammar mistakes cleaned up. My creative mind was relaxed knowing the structure was put in place. A few days later I was given an email for an estimate. Much to my surprise the quote was greatly reduced. Originally when we met I was given the worst case scenario estimate. Either my personal repeated editing paid off or I had it down in the beginning all I have to say is it pays to quadruple check yourself and be prepared. Either way I could definitely afford to get the book in production with NO delays. The money could go toward more marketing and promoting.

Sometimes people do great things and most the time those great things are not recognized. Most great ideas fail because the public wasn’t able to witness or because the creator failed to find the right eyes. That is the biggest worry of any project. Can my work of art that I know is going to reach people who touch it also reach people I’m unable to attain. Thanks to BookLogix I’m one step closer to reaching out to more people and the right people.

What’s going on with yesterday? The KICK-OFF Meeting! That’s right. We are kicking this book up and getting on a roll. We are looking at a publishing date between 3rd through 4th quarter as the book rolls out to paper then digital. This is exciting! It is moments like these that pass by and one day no matter how your life went you look back toward that day and wonder where it all started and where that time went.

The first place this dream started was from an idea in my head as I woke up from a dream. Which technically spawned from my will to write something amazing to make up for my idle hands as I was graduating school. There are moments where so many pieces of your life starts.For me I’ve been waiting for the last three years for this moment of getting started. Not just thinking and tinkering but actually accomplishing what you dared to dream. This is the moment that begins the next chapter of my life as I learn to pursue a career where very few succeed.This is the moment I kick doubt in the face and eagerly move on as I keep myself busy to raise awareness about a soon to be tangible book in your hands.



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