Project E.D.E.N. Series: Cedric Off the Record


Emma told me that one day the world is going to end in fire. Most people would call her crazy but the problem is that she’s not. She’s a Palm. One of many from my birthplace, Initium. Her premonitions tend to be right but she said that this one is contingent on someone. For some reason my parents believed her enough to send me away with her.

Everyone is crazy to think that I, a seventeen-year-old boy, can ​save the world. My abilities didn’t start appearing until several years ago. Not sure how being able to walk in people’s dreams is helpful to anything or anyone, other than boring the hell out of me. Emma, Sonya, and Julius have been training Clara and I for this supposed destiny. I’m not sure what that is, they’re not being completely honest with me. They never are. Apparently I’m supposed to be this big time guy some day but they can’t even let me in on this big conspiracy.

Whatever. If they want to be like that then I will just do what I know best and stay out of everyone’s way, be part of the dream and fade away. When they want me, they will let me know. I have a feeling they have the story wrong anyway.

I’ve got other things to occupy myself with to pass the time. That’s all I seem to do lately. We just moved to Savannah and this town is eerily quiet. Nothing like Miami or New York or any place we’ve lived. Everyone is really friendly and that’s exasperating. I feel like I have slipped into another dimension.

Emma sent me back to public school yesterday. Clara is excited but I’m not; homeschooling over the past couple years has been a blessing. No one wants to actually meet the people they dream walk. Since I’ve never met anyone like me I assume they don’t.

I met a girl yesterday. Maybe met is a bit too formal; I walked into a girl yesterday. She’s not like the other girls. Something about her is different… I can’t put my finger on it but I’m going to walk in her dreams tonight. I’m sure there is something I missed to prove that she is no different from any other girl who I’ve met this far. At least I have a mystery to occupy the time.


Authors Note: Cedric is the main character in the first book of the Project E.D.E.N. series. Read the Off the Record letters on first.


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