Presenting the 100th Blog and the Upcoming

0809-fireworks-file1-1024x1024Today is one of those days that just goes your way. I didn’t waking up feeling any different or have any expectations toward which way this day would appear. It just happened. Many things just happen and every thing is up to chance. Not today. Today was a day caused by persistence, passion, and motivation.

Today I stand before you with a clear set vision due to years of detrimental determination. In 2010 I got scared of my future and with that came out an amazing story. Eight months later that story formed into two notebooks of chicken scratch being typed into a book and with that an epiphany of the name PROJECT E.D.E.N. On December 1st 2012 I started blogging which was not an easy feat. Looking at my original post I would have never thought initially that today I would be writing my 100th blog. It started out as a post each week then ended into two post each week on October 2012 when I realized that to get the audience attention of my real purpose I needed to show off my fictional side. Challenge accepted! practically every Sunday since then I’ve been writing a miniseries blog called I Am Anonymous where a series of characters with an unknown past and future stood up with their abilities as they had to fight through the conspiracies raised against them. A simple post that required no thought other than the hour I spent writing and editing it before 8:30ish or so when I posted it on Sundays. The idea behind it was to be improv and not interfere with my real creativity of a book series like no other.

Proudly at my 100th blog I just wanted to share with you the road that led me here. It has been fun, and tiring, and stressful and I’ve only taken a few steps. These next post are going to get really interesting. On a good day you will catch me writing about my current editing process. Project E.D.E.N. is out of my hands officially and being caressed by the gentle hands of an editor as she makes it shine louder. Soon I will be haivng a kickoff meeting of where to next. Publishing will only take a few months then its printing and there are all these fine little details that need to be perfected. The dreaming of this book series is beginning earlier then I accepted because truthfully you can never be ready for your dream to start you can only be prepared as much as possible and rock it out.

What will I be doing in the mean time? Details have to be finished but in the meantime I have to get busy showing my potential to unknown readers. This blog was the start and I’m still anonymous but not to everyone. I created a blog at where you can view an all in one stop-shop of who I am and what I’m doing, this blog included. If you want to be up and ready for a taste of the Project E.D.E.N. series then stop at where each week I will post a behind the scenes expert from my character’s perspective entitled OFF THE RECORD on my homepage. Recently posted was Cedric the main character. Check out who is going to speak next and put yourself in their shoes. If that isn’t enough to pump the anticipation then let me leave you with two words about the release of the series….STAY TUNED.


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